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CP: Brillant!

Cabin Pressure: As Much as Aeroplanes

Title: As Much as Aeroplanes
Characters: Martin, Theresa, Douglas, Carolyn, Arthur
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: innuendo
Spoilers: Vaduz, Xinzhou
Pairings: Martin/Theresa, background Carolyn/Herc
Word Count 4,449
Summary: Martin meets up with Theresa in Berlin for a Christmas celebration.
Author's notes: This went quite differently from where I had thought it would go, but I have learned it's best to give into the whims of muses. It is very fluffy, as we all expected, and very shippy, with a side of MJN Air friendship.

I've given Martin and Theresa a very small Pinboard, but I suggest waiting until after the story if you don't want to be spoiled.

Because there is no resolution to the cliffhanger of last season, I've elected to ignore its existence completely rather than try and write around it.

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CP: Brillant!

Cabin Pressure: My Fair Captain

Title: My Fair Captain
Characters: Martin, Douglas, Carolyn, Arthur
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: none
Spoilers: Fitton, Vaduz, Xinzhou
Pairings: background Martin/Theresa, otherwise Gen
Word Count 3,560
Summary: Martin is invited to a fancy party by Her Royal Highness, and the crew of MJNAir make sure he's prepared.
Author's notes: This is my first Cabin Pressure fic of a good length, so please forgive any rough spots. I'm still fiddling with my voices. I am also not a pilot, nor have I had much opportunity to fly since I was a child, so I apologize for logistical errors. Mostly to Martin, who I'm sure is quite embarrassed to be involved with them.

Fluffy, fluff.

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CP: Captain Martin

Cabin Pressure Ficlets

Two short fics, written for memes.

Title: Culinary Delights
Characters: Martin, Douglas, Arthur
Rating: G
Word Count 415
Summary: The perils of Arthur with an idea and a microwave.
Author's notes: Written for joonscribble who gave me the prompt of 'microwave popcorn'

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Title: Citrus
Characters: Martin, Douglas
Rating: G
Word Count 633
Summary: Martin fills in for a missing member of Douglas's pub quiz team.
Author's notes: Written for aelfgyfu_mead who gave me the prompt of 'Martin coming out on top'.

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