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Sing me a story, laugh me a lullaby

writer at work

The Writer They Call Tay
1 June 1986
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Hello and welcome to my journal. This is where I keep my fanfiction and other writing stuff, as well as random personal entries of a generally fannish variety and too many memes for my own good. You are very welcome to read what's here and leave feedback for me. Currently not doing much writing, but feel free to look through the archives.


A Note: All content within this journal was written by me, unless otherwise noted. The fandoms used in my stories belong to their respective owners and no infringement is intended on these parties. Layout stylesheet by layout_lounge.

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1940's, 3d art, agatha christie, aishwarya rai, andrew lloyd webber, anthony warlow, archie goodwin, astrology, audra mcdonald, baby names, ballet, being canadian, benedict cumberbatch, bindis, bohemian clothing, breadbox editions, bright colours, broadway, brothers, callum keith rennie, canada, cecilia cara, celtic myths, character development, charlotte church, christian bale, christiane noll, clive owen, colouring, costume design, dance, deanna raybourn, detectives, doctor who, drama, dresden files, due south, elementary, etymology, fanfiction, fantasy, figure skating, fluff, foreign disney, france, frank wildhorn, french, french musicals, french versions, gene kelly, graphic design, greek myths, gregori baquet, h2g2, hamish macbeth, harry dresden, harry potter, hayley westenra, hercule poirot, historical fiction, historical movies, history, horatio hornblower, house md, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, interior design, ioan gruffudd, ireland, jamie bamber, jane eyre, jazz, jim butcher, john watson, johnny depp, josh groban, kid!fic, lady julia grey, languages, le petit prince, les dix commandements, les miserables, loki, lord of the rings, lotr cast, lt. murphy, m15m, martin freeman, marvel cinematic universe, matt bogart, michael ball, movie going, movies, nero wolfe, newsies, nicholas brisbane, no one lives forever, o.r melling, origami, original characters, paul blackthorne, paul gross, paxil, period drama, phantom of the opera, playwrighting, poser, qi, reading aloud, richard scrimger, robert sean leonard, romeo et juliette, rpgs, sean bean, set design, sg-1, shakespeare, sharpe, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sign language, silver, spaghetti, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stick-on jewels, tap, terrence man, the book of dreams, the chronicles of faerie, the civil war, the dresden files, the french revolution, the maltese falcon, the nose from jupiter, the scarlet pimpernel, the secret garden, the uk, the way to schenectady, theatre, thor, timothy hutton, to kill a mockingbird, tom hiddleston, tortiere, translations, writing, wwii, x-men