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From joonscribble: what TeeVees I'm watching this fall.

DVR House and Lie to Me, watch Dancing With the Stars with my mum. We are way behind on watching House together, but I watch Lie to Me while making/eating lunch on another day of the week. Oh! And I forgot Castle I definitely watch Castle and DVR it for Ama to watch later on.


NCIS night. Both shows. I was watching them and DVRing So You Think You Can Dance Canada, but that finished up on Sunday, so now it's just NCIS.

America's Next Top Model, followed by Glee, followed by CSI:NY.


Thursday is ASL class night and nothing is on that I wish to DVR. Usually I catch the last half hour of Grey's Anatomy, which I have a like/despise relationship with. I mainly watch for Dr. Hunt. Then I watch The Mentalist.


I was watching FlashForward (which I guess was a repeat of Thursday night?), but now they show Ugly Betty in that slot, which I don't watch. Usually I search around for anything interesting and fail, until Flashpoint at 10:00.


Mum and I watch Classic Gospel on PBS (we like the music) and then Battle of the Blades. I've also been watching Three Rivers, which has been seriously preempted by football. It's meh, but it's on while I cross-stitch.
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