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More memes!

From joonscribble:

Take a few of your original characters and tell us...

1. How you thought of their name
2. What made you create the character in the first place
3. How the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4. Any random fun fact about that character

Characters Playing:
Miranda Dresden
Dr. Forrester
Fay Dresden

Miranda (Faintree) Dresden
1. I may have mentioned this earlier, but Miranda comes from the Tempest character. "Oh brave new world that hath such people in it," being her view of Harry's world. Mira means 'peace' in Slavic, which I thought was appropriate since she would be the calming element in Harry's life, until her death. Faintree is a name I used for throwaway character in a Harry Potter rpg. I found it by looking up Medieval England Surnames. I thought it was cool, so I recyled it for Mira.

2. Honestly, Mira was a barely mentioned character in Family Dynamics. I knew I wanted to give Harry kids and I knew I wanted to make his life similar to his father's experience, so his wife/partner would have to die. I didn't want to kill Murphy and I thought I would just toss a random name in there, never expecting the story to spawn such enthusiasm from the readers. So, then I had to come up with who the heck she was.

3. Aside from her originally only being a name, Mira has changed from originally being a nurse in my mind to being a musician. That was after I read Ama 'Her Kind of Magic'. She assumed the violinist mentioned in it was Mira and that struck a chord (no pun intended) with me. I scrapped the idea because I wanted her to be a one night stand for Harry, but the musician idea stayed with me. I liked the thought of both her and Harry having a sort of 'magic' that they can do, that the other doesn't fully get. I added more details to Mira as the stories demanded, trying not to make her too much of a Mary Sue. Though, as Ama pointed out, 'she's dead, make her as kickass as you want'.

4. There's a picture at GettyImages that I love, which makes me think of Mira and Fay it's here.

Dr. Darcy Forrester

1. He introduced himself as Darcy Forrester when he was speaking to Harry and so I assumed that's what his name was. I think that he must have named himself, since Forrester is the last name of a teacher I loathed in high school and I don't think I would choose the name of my own accord.

2. I needed someone to guide Harry and Murphy, and the readers, through the medical aspects of the sleeping sickness and Forrester volunteered himself for the job. He became a larger part of the story when people (and I) really liked him.

3. Not a lot has changed with Forrester, other than my developing him. He arrived with a name, personality, nationality and appearance and I just let him go to it.

4. Forrester looks like Clive Owen in my mental theatre. Samara, his wife, is based on Aishwarya Rai's appearance. For the record, Clive and Ash would have gorgeous children.

Fay Dresden

1. I knew I wanted her to have several names, since names have power in the magic world and I thought Harry would give her a bunch to lower the chance of someone finding out all of them. Lefay is the maiden name of Harry's mother in the books and I always thought that was pretty cool, so I tossed that in there. My personal canon makes it Harry's grandmother's maiden name. Julianna I put in as a long name that would be too big and fussy for someone as small and fiesty as Fay. Margaret is for the Harry's mother. Out of all the possible nicknames, Fay is what stuck. It's French for fairy, which I think suits her.

2. She was made for Family Dynamics, which was written for the Morningway challenge at flashfic. I love father/daughter relationships, so I made her a girl and she proceeded to write herself.

3. Fay was another character who came as is. I gave her more of a personality as I wrote more about her, but she hasn't evovled much since she hasn't grown any during timeline of the stories. One day I will probably write both her and Mal older, but I have this weird fear that if I make them older, I can't make them younger again.

4. Several of Fay's thoughts and comments come from my own childhood, or stories of family members. She's a mix of myself and my brother. Personality-wise, Mal's is much more similar to my own.
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