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Character Meme

Memes soothe a frazzled soul, so I went looking for one to help ease my computerless pain. I am typing in Notepad on my 'rents' computer and it doesn't look right! The font is wrong and the screen is stretched out. But I will persevere for the good of meme kind.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

Characters playing:
Dr. Forrester
Fay Dresden
Dylan Cartwright

1. What's your favorite food?

Forrester: Vegetarian lasagna. My wife's, specifically.
Fay: Cheezy Rice! It's rice with cheese in it.
Dylan: I really miss proper American hot dogs.

2. Are you a virgin?

Forrester: Ahem. No.
Fay: What's a 'virgin'?
Dylan: Not since Suzie Chen in eleventh grade.

3. What kind of movies do you watch?
Forrester: Anything that's on at two AM when I'm too wound up from work to sleep.
Fay: I break movies. So does Daddy. At school we watched one about crossing the street. It wasn't very fun and I don't know why everybody likes them so much.
Dylan: At the moment it's either romantic comedies with Katrina or kids' flicks with Graylin, when we can get the DVD player going.

4. Are you married?
Forrester: Yes, happily.
Fay: No, I'm just little!
Dylan: Engaged. If the piles of wedding magazines don't topple over and crush me to death, I should be married by next spring.

5. Have you ever gotten drunk before?
Forrester: Far too many times. More so during my med school days. That I managed to pass my exams is a minor miracle. Also that I escaped without permanent brain damage.
Fay: No, I'm just little!
Dylan: Yes. Not a lot. Someone has to be the designated driver and it tends to be me.

6. Your best friends?
Forrester: I still keep in touch with Andrew Cross, who was my best friend growing up. We e-mail back and forth. My best friend in America is Jamie Hennesey. He lived next to door to me when I first came to Chicago. Or, I lived next door to him? In any case, he was my Best Man at my wedding.
Fay: Daddy and Murphy and Mal and Bob. And Mouse. And Gramma.
Dylan: A few guys at work. Katrina, too.

7. What is your favorite word?
Forrester: Phlebotomy.
Fay: Octopus.
Dylan: Cacophony. Especially the way the Brits say it.

8. What song was sung to you when you were a child as you went to sleep?
Forrester: My mother always sang 'Morning has Broken'. Which I suppose is somewhat of a paradox, but I never noticed when I was a child.
Fay: Mommy sang lots of songs. My favourite is the one about golden slumbers.
Dylan: Lavender's Blue. Mom sang it to all of us. Graylin says Tamsin sang it to her, too.

9. How would you describe your voice?
Forrester: British. Far too Northern when I go back home. Perhaps a bit gravelly.
Fay: I sound like me!
Dylan: American to the Brits, British to the Yanks. Kat says I mumble. I say she doesn't listen.

10. What was the best day or moment of your life?
Forrester: The first time I really saved a patient. That's a rush you can't get from anything else.
Fay: When we have cheezy rice for dinner! Or my birthday., my birthday.
Dylan: The day I got the job at the newspaper. Made me feel like I was a real writer.

I took some questions I didn't like out, so you can find the original meme here if you want to add more to your own meme. I'm not tagging anyone, but feel free to play if you'd like!
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