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ZOMG TORCHWOOD pt the Third & Happyfest

First off:

Happy Fest is on!

Hundreds of prompts in over a hundred fandoms have been suggested and all you need do is chose one and write a happy fic with it. You can also comment on other's stories and tell them why it made you happy. Come join us,we have cake it's fun! Click on the banner to go to the posting post.


- Didn't dig Day Two as much as Day One, but I enjoyed Day Three much more.

- Creepy aliens are creepy! Smart move on not making them crappy CGI (yet, I'm sure they will eventually be crappy CGI). Things are much scarier when A) you can't see them and B) they don't look really, really fake.

- I was surprised at how tense the Frobisher Talks to The 456 scenes were. I mean, really, nothing actiony is happening, and yet it's really engrossing. Excellent writing and superb acting from Peter Capaldi (who I just suddenly realized was in The Fires of Pompeii).

- Gwen continues to be awesome. Her interaction with Clem is wonderful.

- Jack's involvement with the 456? Really, really horrible. You know what else is horrible? His hair. What is with the sideways whoosh? I'm watching the scene when he's like 'I fed children to aliens' and I can think is 'seriously, brush your hair!'

- There is something wonderfully perfect about Rhys being the Official Torchwood Cook. I mean, he can't be useful in any other way, but he can feed people.

I taped Day Four tonight, since I wasn't in a 'creepy show is creepy' mood tonight. I will rant to y'all once I've seen it.
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