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ZOMG TORCHWOOD! pt. the second

Day Two rantage, shorter than Day One

- I really like the every night format of this. It makes it very exciting. Much more exciting than if I'd have to wait a week each time to see the next part.

- Lois is very cool. I have few hopes of her staying alive, for this reason.

- As much as I love(d) Tosh and Owen, I feel like the other characters are really shining when given more attention. I mean, I've never cared much for Gwen in the past, but she pretty much carried this episode and did it awesomely. I think I could happily watch a show with only Gwen and Ianto, actually. And Rhys. Turns out, Jack isn't all that necessary, as he spent most of this episode chained to a wall, screaming.

- Jack piecing himself back to together was suitably creepy.

- The only problem with my Gwen and Ianto Get a Show plan is that when Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd get upset and are talking to each other, I have no idea what they are saying. Seriously, Gwen and Ianto are yelling at each other on the phone and I was like 'what was that? Something about an infirmary?' I love a Welsh accent. I just can't understand it.

- When did Rhys get so cool and loveable? I love that they've taken him from loser boyfriend to awesome husband. He and Gwen are so cute together. Potatoes!

In other, non-TW related news, our car went batshit crazy this morning. At 1:30 AM, the alarm started going off by itself for no reason we could discern, then the alarm stopped without us doing anything. My dad went out to check on it and the car was locking and unlocking itself. Weird.
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