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I've managed to avoid all spoilers/reviews for Children of Earth and tonight Space started showing it in Canada, so I saw Day One.

As usual, I find ranting in point form easiest.

- Jack Spawn and Jack Grand Spawn: my mouth dropped open when she called him Dad. I'm sure everyone saw that coming, but I try very hard not to figure things out. I like going along for the ride. John Barrowman was not affectionate enough towards Spawn and Grand Spawn. Perhaps he's not supposed to be close to them, but he could take a lesson from Nathan Fillion or Tim Roth and how to portray love for one's children.

- However, overall, John's acting seemed a bit better this episode. Less ACTING! and more acting.

- Jack and Ianto, very cute. I like the domesticity they have going. Loved the 'did they kill you?' 'yes' *huggles*. Even Mum giggled and she knows nothing about the show and hates John Barrowman.

- Likewise, Gwen and Rhys on the phone is too cute. And she's pregnant! Yays!

- I liked Rupesh. I liked him from the moment we met him and I thought 'I'll bet he'll be dead by the end of the series'. Not only did he go evil, he died at the end of the first episode. Screw you, RTD!

- Hi Paul Copley! I haven't seen you since Horatio Hornblower! You're still adorable, in a 'I wish you were my Granddad' kind of way. I imagine you'll die, too.

- No idea how Jack is going to survive being blown to bits. At least I'll know by tomorrow at this time.
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