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Yesterday (as of 18 minutes ago) was my birthday. I am now 23-years-old. I don't feel any different from 22-years-old, although I am one year closer to that 24-years-old that has always seemed to be 'grown-up' to me.

I had a nice, mellow day. Adam and Amalie joined us for supper (Mum's spaghetti and a Dairy Queen blizzard cake, both very excellent). Adam and Amalie got me a WOW game card and the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack, which is nifty. I'm so broke, I couldn't afford a subscription lately, so that was very cool. From my parents I got a new lightbox (Dad accidentally sent mine to Value Village) for costuming and a beautiful butterfly bedecked portfolio to put said costuming in. I also got a Casino Royale DVD and a Gift Card for Jumbo Video rentals, much nail polish, The Princep's Fury by Jim Butcher and a gorgeous leather make-up case for all my beauty stuff. Plus money. Money is always good.

Ama and Stacey are coming again later in the week for a girls' party. Stacey had to work tonight and couldn't come.

Thanks to everyone who wished me well and/or gifted me! I really appreciate it.
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