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I went to see Angels & Demons with Mum today. We had to decide between that, Wolverine and Star Trek. Mum doesn't dig Star Trek so much and I'd already seen Wolverine, plus we'd watched The Davinci Code on TV last week and Mum doesn't have a great memory for plot details, so she thought we should see it while it was fresh. I had read The Davinci Code, and seen the movie, enjoyed both as not great works of literature/cinema, but entertaining enough. I haven't read Angels & Demons. My brother said it was the worst book he's ever read, so, you know, not highly recommended to me. However! I really enjoyed Angels & Demons. It works much better that Davinci Code, because there is a time limit. It's race against the clock and so it's more suspenseful. Plus the consequences are more dire if they fail. It was slightly too long, I could have done with one or two less plot twists, but I would recommend it if you enjoyed Davinci Code and/or enjoy history and symbology and such. Plus, Ewan MacGregor.

In other news, I've started posting in my dreamwidth journal. At moment there are song translations/rambles about Roméo et Juliette, which is a French musical I'm very fond of. The icon I'm using is from there.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and will have a good week!
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