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A book meme, while I wait for Poser to render...

From, surprisingly enough book_memes.

Life of Books Meme:

1. Which of these do you most regularly use for purchasing books?... private dealers, second hand or charity shops, second hand bookshops, independent 'new or remaindered' bookstores, large chain bookstores, online bookshops.

I get the majority of my books from Chapters (large chain bookstore) and Value Village (charity shop). I use Chapters for new books, like the Dresden Files and such, and Value Village for older books, like Agatha Christie and other random delights. It is random there, so if I want something specific, I go to Chapters. Or

2. Where do you leave your books when you are not reading them?

On top of the toilet/sink. I mostly read in the bathtub.

3. How many piles of books (unshelved) are there in your home? Are they organized in any particular way?

There's a pile in the den that's my mother's and they are not organized. They are just the ones she can't fit on the shelves of Books to Read. There's also a pile of manga next to my bed, which is entirely amalie_majorie's fault.

4. Are you a member of, or do you use, any reading or book related websites or online communities? If so, how many? What is the one you most often visit? Why?


5. Off the internet, are you a member of, or do you use, any reading or book related facilities, libraries, clubs or communities? What is the one you most often visit? Why?

Our local library sucks. There is nothing there and the librarian glares at you for doing anything there. Reading, looking, asking a question, living. She's very disapproving. I've only ever used it when we were forced to by the school (we'd walk up and have to take out a book, which I usually never read and brought back the next week. I never saw the point of that) and one summer when I was on a Nero Wolfe kick and they actually had the books I was looking for.

6. Do you borrow books? Do you lend them?

I didn't used to borrow or lend books, but Ama, Stacey and I have been passing around a bunch of books lately. Dresden Files, Lincoln and Child and Sophie Kinsella.

7. When you finish a book, what do you do with it afterwards? (i.e. shelve, review, add to a challenge list, recommend to someone, reread, sell on, lend)

If it's part of a series I collect, I put it in its proper place on my bookshelf in my room. If I think I'd read it again, I put it in the bookshelf in my closet. If it's none of the above, I put it in the Value Village pile to be donated.

8. How often - if at all - do you cull your shelves for space? What do you do with the ones you take out?

I do it every couple of weeks, actually. I'm not terribly sentimental about most books. I go through and put the ones I've read or don't want to read into the Value Village pile.

9. What happens to the grubbiest, most falling apart books that no longer look good on your shelves? Are you a thrower or a keeper?

You know, I'm not a big rereader. I don't have a lot of falling apart books, except for the Rex Stout ones, which I got secondhand. They stay on my bookshelf, though. I do like pretty books. I kept my Dear America, Dear Canada and Royal Diaries on my bookshelf, solely because they are gorgeous.
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