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Leave Your Conscience at the Tone

I love live theatre! Mum and I went to a local production of RENT tonight. It was the School Edition version, so all the cast members had to be under nineteen and the show itself was slightly toned down (less swearing, and no Contact number). This did not diminish the enjoyment at all, since the cast was excellent. The guy playing Roger was great, an awesome singer and a good actor too. Angel was hysterical, and considering it was a teenage boy, was really brave in embracing the role. Collins and Mimi could NOT sing. They were wonderful actors and everything, but some notes were painful. I respected the fact that they went for the notes nonetheless though. Joanne had an awesome voice, she sing the solo in Seasons of Love and hit the high note perfectl - twice. Maureen was very good and she had a great voice, too. Benny did a good job of making his character sympathetic and Mark, while not a great singer, carried the show very nicely. There were a few problems with mikes and lighting cues, but it was opening night, so I can forgive that.

There's nothing like live theatre, is there? It makes me glee!
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