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Memes (Two for the Price of One)

I'm feeling much better now. Which means it's time for memes!

First, from joonscribble:

1. Comment and I will give you 3 people.
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Label which you would marry, shag, or throw off a cliff.

joonscribble gave me:
Rufus Sewell
Callum Keith Rennie
Paul Blackthorne


Rufus Sewell - I'd marry him. I have loved him since I first saw him in A Knight's Tale. I love his eyes. I have routed for him to play a good guy and spent much time trying to get my hands on his various roles. I'm always happy to see him in something and I think he's a long term love affair and not someone I'd love fiercely for a few months and then forget about. He's been married twice, but maybe third time would be the charm?

Callum Keith Rennie - I'd shag him. He seems like a good one night stand kind of guy (sort of the bad boy). He's, unfortunately, starting to show his years however. If I could get him back in his due South days...*is shallow*

Paul Blackthorne - I'd cliff him. I think he's charming and sweet and British and all, but I've never seen him in anything other than the Dresden Files and, as much as I love Harry, I have no investment in him as an actor. Sorry, Paul!


Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell on Eleventh Hour) - Again, I'd marry him. He's a sweetie and cute and smart and somewhat bumbling and distracted. He's the kind of guy who'd try to find the cure for Cancer to save you. And succeed.

Harry Dresden (Paul Blackthorne on The Dresden Files) - I'd shag him. Since that seems to be Harry's MO and it might get creepy to stick around too long with Bob leering at you.

Ray Kowalski (Callum Keith Rennie on due South) - I love RayK. I do. He's my favourite part of the show, really. But he's got serious Stella angst and is very needy and is possibly in love with a Mountie. I'd have to cliff him.

Second meme, also from joonscribble.

1. Pick a character (either a canon character or an original character) and ask me a question about him/her/it.

2. I'll answer the question with a fic snippet.

Feel free to ask for more than one character and/or more than one question.
Tags: memeage, misc./non-fic

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