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Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

joyfulfeather gave me: Harry/Murphy, kid!fic, dance, music, art

It's joyfulfeather's fault. I don't ship. I've never shipped. I've never seen a two people in any fandom and gone 'these two must be together!'. However, I read some of joyfulfeather's Harry/Murphy stuff and my fic tended to wander in that direction after awhile. I think they're a cute couple, because she's all action and he's all bumble and they both have an innate need to look after and save people. So, tv!Murphy and Harry are OTP to me. In the books, not so much. I wasn't a big Murphy fan for the first few books and by the time she settled into a more of a friend role, I had been won over by Susan.

It's a horrible, bad, hideous habit that I have for throwing small children at my favourite heros. I think you can really tell a lot about a person by how they interact with children. I love to write children, too, because I think they way they see the world is so telling and hilarious. Graylin was the first kiddie I threw at Harry and then the mini!Dresdens came along. They were just going to be for that one fic, to go with the challenge. Child's Play was actually loosely adapted from a Nero Wolfe fic I started to write way, way back in the day and I have attempted to use the basic plot for a number of fandoms, but the Dresden Files was the first one that I managed to finish. In fact, I still get urges to write pretty much that same basic plot for all my fandoms. It's an addiction!

I started dancing when I was seven. I went to a dance day camp in the summer. The next year I started Jazz, the year after that I did Jazz and Tap, then Jazz, Tap and Ballet, and, by the time I was in Grade Six, I was dancing seven hours a week. I love to dance. I love the rhythm of music and the different ways you can move to the rhythm. I love it. I got burnt out by Grade 8 and was sick of the politics (you wouldn't think there would be politics, but there is) and then I got sick, so I've never gone back. I don't have the stamina anymore, but I hope I'll be able to go back as an adult and take some lessons one day. I also love to watch dancing. I watch So You Think You Can Dance, both the US and Canadian versions, I watch Dancing With the Stars, too. I love old movies where they dance. I'm not as big a fan of watching ballet, for some reason, but I love some good Irish dancing.

Music makes me happy. That's pretty much all there is to it. I don't tend to listen to 'modern' music, or at least not music currently on the radio. Unless I've run across it in some other capacity. I love gorgeous, meaningful, clever lyrics. I love showtunes. My music folder sub-folders are Broadway (songs from various shows that I don't have the full albums for, foreign language versions or songs from Broadway performers that I like), French (mostly pop music - Cecilia Cara, Natasha St-Pier), Foreign Disney (songs from various translations), Instrumental (mostly movie themes), Movies (songs from specific soundtracks that aren't instrumental), Pop (which basically covers everything that I consider to be 'modern' ish, not necessarily pop music) and Vocals (Hayley Westenra, Josh Groban, Russel Watson, etc.). I've recently discovered that if I'm feeling sick or sad, I don't listen to music. I can usually tell when that happens because I put on music and realize I haven't listened to it in several days. You'd think I'd want to play it to cheer me up, but apparently I only listen to music when I'm feeling good.

I can't draw. This has been a life-long sorrow for me. I would love to be able to draw. I have ideas in my head that I would love to be able to sit down and sketch, but I can't. Then, one day, I forget how, I discovered Poser. It's a computer programme where there are figures that you can, uh, pose. You dress them up, put props in the scene, etc. It was a lifesaver for me, because I could make the images in my head without the frustration of trying to draw them. Not that Poser isn't frustrating. It took me a year to get the hang of and there are just some poses that will never look natural on a Poser figure. Still, it's better than nothing. It's a very, very expensive hobby, but it keeps my head from exploding.

I also make lots of graphics, which follows the same principle of Poser. I can make pretty things without needing a steady hand. I love making big, complicated graphics, but icons are quick and fun to do, too.

My graphics all end up at citadel_icons, which I share with my partner-in-crime, the lovely iconfluence. I'm songstressicons. My Poser stuff is at various places around the web, but you can find it at DeviantArt the most easily (easiest?). /self-pimping.
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