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Dresden Files/Doctor Who: The Seventh Law

Title: The Seventh Law
Author: awanderingbard
Rating: G
Length: 1646 words
Book or TV verse: TV with non-spoilery bookishness
Characters: DF: Harry, Bob, DW: Nine, Rose
Summary: When you open shop as a wizard, you never know who's going to drop in.
Author's Notes: Doctor Who/Dresden Files Crossover. Done for tigerkat24 who asked for Harry and the Doctor of my choice.

I'm a wizard. I see a lot of weird stuff. I believe in things like faeries and demons and monsters. I've met werewolves. I have a ghost who lives in my apartment with me. I have a very strict faith in magic. Science, I've never gotten. I look at it like I look at the little red button on my coffee maker. I'm sure it does something important, but I don't know what it is. I was contemplating this as I read an article in the newspaper about some little robot that vacuums your floor. My vacuum is a broom and its technological advances include that fact that it apparently helps to reduce allergens.

I'd just opened shop before I started to read and the sign hanging in the window began to vibrate. There was a wind from nowhere and a sound like something a dinosaur in one of those old stop-motion movies would make. Then there was a box in the middle of my office. A blue box. Bob appeared beside me.

"What is that?" he wanted to know.

"No idea," I answered. I called my hockey stick to me from where it was resting against the wall.

"It appears to be a police box from the 1950's. Why on Earth did you summon a 1950's police box?" He asked me.

"I didn't," I said.

"Are you sure? Remember that grandfather clock you accidently - "

"I was twelve," I objected. "And I sent it back."

The door to the box opened and a girl stepped out. A blonde girl, nicely curved, wearing a pink hoodie.

"Hello," she said, cheerfully. She sounded British.

"Hello," Bob and I replied, in unison.

"Are you here to hire me?" I asked. "Because I have a door." I pointed to it. "You didn't have to bring your own."

The door opened again and a man stepped out behind the girl. He was dressed in a green sweater and a leather jacket. I wasn't sure how they had both fit inside the box. He closed the door behind him and turned forward, jumping a little at the sight of us. "Oh. Hullo!" He was also very cheerful. Also British, though his accent, Bob later informed me, was from the North. Of England, I presume.

"Hello," Bob and I said together, again.

"Who are you?" Bob asked.

"I'm the Doctor," the man answered, as though this was a natural situation for introductions.

"The doctor of what, precisely?" Bob inquired.

"Just the Doctor," he said. "And this is Rose."

"Just Rose," the girl said, with a smile.

"This is my office," I said, feeling the need to put that out there. "You're in my office."

"Are we?" The Doctor looked around. "It shouldn't be, you know, your office. I must have miscalculated." He looked at his watch. "Oh! Ha! That explains it. This isn't 1893. If this was 1893, this wouldn't be your office." He looked at my door. "Nedserd Yrrah, Draziw. That you, then?"

I looked to Bob and he looked to me, then we both looked back at the two box people. They smiled at us, enthusiastically.

"That's me," I confirmed. "Only backwards. Can...can I help you with something? Are you here for my help or..."

"We came for the World's Fair," Rose explained.

"There isn't a World's Fair here," I said.

"Of course there isn't," The Doctor said. "It's not 1893. This is Chicago, though?"

"Yeah, this is Chicago," I answered. I hesitated before adding, "2007."

The Doctor frowned heavily. "Well, that's not even close, is it? Mind..." he took out a little tube with a blinking blue light on it and pointed it around. "There's some dodgy energy flowing around this place, might have thrown us off." The tube ended up being pointed in my direction and buzzed. I gripped my hockey stick more firmly. "It's all coming from you. Must've interfered with the vortex. Whatchu do that for?"

"I didn't," I said.

I briefly wondered why everything seemed to be my fault, when I hadn't done anything that morning except make coffee and read about robot vacuums.

"If I may interrupt," Bob spoke up.

"God, please do," I allowed.

"Are you implying you intended to arrive at the year 1893?" Bob demanded.

"That's right!" The Doctor said, happily. "Chicago World's Fair."

"I was told there were ostriches," Rose added, with the same enthusiasm.

"Time travel?" I sputtered. "You're time travelers?"

"Yes," The Doctor confirmed. "That's us."

"Time travel is illegal," I said. I needed an argument and that seemed a good one. "It's against the Seventh Law of Magic. 'Thou shalt not...' something something to do with not time traveling."

"Swim against the Currents of Time," Bob filled in.


"I have a license," The Doctor said. He flipped open a wallet and showed me a blank piece of paper. "See, Licence to Swim Against the Currents of Time, assigned to the Doctor, plus one, signed by the High Council of Wizards, 1312 AD."

"Wait a second - " Rose and I began at the same time. I politely stepped back and let her go first. "He's a wizard? There's wizards? As in Harry Potter wizards?"

"As in Harry Dresden wizards," I corrected. "He's fiction, I'm not. That piece of paper is blank."

The Doctor looked at it, then at me and grinned. "Oy, more going on up there than I thought," he said, tapping his temple. "Science goes all wonky around magic."

"Like...real wizards?" Rose continued, undeterred. "Wif' real magic and fings?"

"You're not a wizard," I realized.

"Nope," The Doctor said.

"Then why do you have a magic box?" I asked.

"It's not a magic box, it's a TARDIS," The Doctor answered me. "And it's not magic, Rose, it's more like the manipulation of ambient energies. Some humans can do it, some can't."

Bob had inhaled sharply. "Time Lord," he said, softly.

"What's wrong?" I asked him. "What's a Time Lord?"

"It's a legend," he said. "An old one, old as time itself. Time Lords are said to be mystical beings from another realm. Able to manipulate time and space to their will, to bring down civilizations with a thought."

"Well, maybe not a thought," the Doctor said, modestly. He grinned at Bob. "You've been around for a while, you. I think I like you."

Rose was a few seconds behind the conversation. She smacked her companion's arm. "You never told me there were wizards!"

"Well, you're not really supposed to know about them," the Doctor explained. "You're a..." he slid his eyes to me, apologetically. "...muggle."

"But magic!" Rose insisted. "Real magic, that's real?"

"It's real," I said, to stop the debate. "It's magic, I do it, you don't, you're human, I'm a wizard, he's a ghost and you - " I gestured with my hockey stick to the Doctor. "Are what exactly? What's a Time Lord? A demon? A faerie? A changeling?"

"Changeling," the Doctor mused. "That's not bad. But no, I'm an alien."

"You're an alien," I repeated. "From outer space?"

"That's right," he said. He looked to Bob. "Bit slow this one, eh?"

Bob was still looking awed and merely nodded. I rubbed my forehead and blinked several times, trying to force my brain to make connections faster. Or at all.

"So, if that's not a magic box," I said, carefully. "Then it's..."

"My spaceship," the Doctor said. "Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Drives your council round the bend."

"Listen, d'you want to take a spin? You could come to the Fair with us, right Doctor?" Rose offered. She gestured to Bob. "Both of you."

"I dunno," The Doctor said. He eyed me appraisingly.

"C'mon!" Rose begged. "Just one? We did land in his office, it's only fair to make it up to him."

"You want to take me time traveling?" I asked.

"Yeah. Just a quick trip, won't take long. Can have you back before your coffee gets cold," Rose enthused. "Right, Doctor?"

"Fine," he said. "Just one trip."

I looked to Bob, who seemed to have recovered himself. We had a brief conversation with our eyes and he gave me a pleading sort of look. Like he'd always wanted a puppy and we'd just past a box on the road with a sign offering them for free.

"I," I said. "I need to get his skull."

Rose looked somewhat disturbed, the Doctor just nodded. I went to the lab and put Bob's skull in my backpack, then slung the bag over my shoulder. I threw my drumstick in, just in case, and returned to the office. I flipped the sign to 'closed' with a quick spell. Rose looked delighted.

"That's magic," she said to the Doctor. "Didja see that?"

"S'just a little elemental manipulation," the Doctor replied, unimpressed. Maybe even jealous? "Ready?"

Bob and I nodded. The Doctor opened the door to the police box and we followed him and Rose back inside. The inside of it was about the size of my whole apartment, and that was just the first room. It was flooded with orange and teal lights, one of which popped out as I passed in front of it.

"Think you could try and keep your aura tucked in," The Doctor grumped. "And not break my ship? I'm already gonna have to compensate for the wonky magic in the vortex."

"Sorry," I said. I tried to put a little containment spell on myself.

Bob wandered over to the consoley-thing, where the Doctor was typing things into a keypad. They started a conversation about time travel and the crusades and other planets that lost me about three words into it.

"You're not gonna say somethin' 'bout the inside being bigger than the outside?" Rose asked.

"Faerie's like that," I shrugged. "Time and distance get all messed up."

"So there are real faeries, too?" She asked. Her eyes lit up with excitement that was contagious.

"Yes," I confirmed. The ship shuddered and started making that dinosaur noise again. I half-expected to see a bunch of scantily clad cavewomen go screaming by. "He's really an alien?"

"Yep," she confirmed, proudly.

"I've never met an alien before now," I said. "As far as I know."

"Well, I've never met a wizard," she smiled. "S'far as I know. Guess we're even."

Author's Notes pt. the Second: I know that everyone is going to be like 'what happens next?' but I don't know. The story ended there and I, like Harry, had nothing to do with it. I am quite proud I managed this one, the first two times I attempted it, it ended up very angsty for some reason and I didn't want it to be. I enjoy a good challenge though. Canons have obviously been diced up for my own personal use. Thanks for reading!
Tags: fandom: doctor who, fandom: dresden files, length: oneshot, rating: g

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