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More Christmas stuffs...

My friends and I had our Christmas party tonight, at Ama's place. We had a blast. A lot of people cancelled, but everyone I'm really the closest with was there. There was much, much food - treats and leftovers, that was extremely yummy. We watched some Sesame Street Christmas special from the '70's or '80's and we loved it. It took us right back ("Oh my God, it's Snuffy!", "Oh, I remember Linda!", "Look how young Gordon is!", "Hey, it's Mr. Hooper!"). Every person who came in as it was playing sat down to watch it, without questioning. I love that about my group of friends. We watch the Blackadder's Christmas Carol every year as tradition, but this is the first year Erica transferred her much loved video cassette to DVD and Ama's PS3 wouldn't read the format, so we watched Love Actually instead. Then we sang karaoke. It was awesome.

I got a tin of goodies from Stacey, a gorgeous book about Julie Taymor with all sorts of pictures of her productions and designs from Erica, a little hand sewn moon keychain from Laurel and a little knick-knack that's a turquoise clam shell with dolphins on it and a dolphin snow globe inside. Everyone had a really good time, I think, which is good, considering the work it took to get it all set up with everyone.

So that's the last of the festivities for this year since we don't really do anything big for New Year's around here. But I had a great year this year.
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