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Christmas (with many parentheses)

So there was rather an epic shuffling around for our Christmas this year and in the end, we did everything last night, so that Amalie and Adam could do Christmas day with her family in Ottawa.

We had a great time! We opened our stockings, then we ate our English dinner (turkey and stuffing, etc.) and then opened our presents, then we had dessert (ice cream and soupirs des soeurs). I was spoiled rotten! I got lots of new night things (which I needed, mine are getting very ratty), a bunch of new books (including the Dresden Files comic book, which I was sure nobody would be able to find), Mamma Mia! on DVD, a cool nightlight thing that turns into a flashlight if the power goes out, two new Nancy Drew computer games, and a SingStar game for the PS2. Adam and Amalie got me the SingStar game and organic lipgloss (red that won't make me allergic!) and the first two Twilight books (as a sort of gag gift, since I've been watching the Twilight phenomena unfold with a kind of fascinated horror).

Everyone else really liked their gifts as well (it's probably the best I've done shopping for others ever) and we managed to get Ama's quilt done in time. Which is a great story that I can tell now that she's got it:

Mum was crocheting an afghan for Ama, which consisted of 27 granny squares and 27 granny squares expanded into octagons. She did all the squares up and put all the ends in and then realized she couldn't read the pattern on how to put them together. So I took a look and I could figure it out (my spatial reasoning skills are better than hers), so we spent three hours trying to follow the pattern, with me trying to explain it and we couldn't figure out how to work with the octagons and the instructions offered nothing. So, in the end, I had to rip 27 octagons back to granny squares and Mum had to make up a pattern by herself. In four days. It was done at 5:45pm last night and the kids arrived at 7:00pm. And it looks gorgeous and it's certainly unique.

Tonight it's just Mum and Dad and I for French dinner (tortiere). But we've had a great time and Mum said this morning that's it's been one of the best Christmases she's had. So I think we'll probably do this reverse thing again next year.

Hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas (or Thursday) and has a lovely New Year, too.
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