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Christmas specials

So, I was flipping through channels last night and I stumbled across 'Under the Mistletoe' on the W Network (Canadian Women's channel). It was a sweet and sappy made for TV movie where every plot point was predictable and nothing was surprising. I enjoyed it, however, because I like sweet and sappy things AND because it had Michael Shanks in it and I was like 'oh, hello Daniel Jackson'. The other cool thing was that his opposite in the movie was Jaime Ray Newman, who played Cadman on Atlantis and once I figured that out, I was like 'I wonder if the Daniel/Cadman fans know about this'. Because you name two characters in a fandom and there's at least one person out there who ships them.

The other thing that was on last night was the Rankin Family Reunion special. I'm not sure how big the Rankins are outside Canada (especially in the US, which is where most of my flist comes from), but they are a group of siblings from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, who sing and play instruments. They do some traditional Celtic folktunes and then sort of country/Celtic flavoured original stuff too. They often sing in Gaelic and step dance as well. Pretty much everyone in my family likes them and their tapes were often played on car trips when I was little, since they were a neutral party. When I was probably six or seven they came to play at our local theatre (very exciting since no one tends to come to our town) and seeing them is one of the most vivid memories I have of childhood. I remember what I wore and where we sat and who sat in front of us and some of the jokes they told and everything. It was awesome. They stopped performing several years back but last night they had their reunion special and it was very nice to see them again.

Rankin Family youtube stuff (if you're interested):
We Rise Again [A beautiful song which is a favourite of pretty much everyone in my family. We played it at my Grandmother's funeral. The last note is breathtaking.]
Fare Thee Well Love [My favourite song that they do. It's very pretty and sounds like a song that should play over the closing credits of a movie.]
Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach [An example of the Gaelic songs they sing.]
Children Go Where I Send You [A Christmas song.]

Anyway, good teevees!
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