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Busy, busy...

Things I have accomplished:
- finished painting ceramic house for village
- set up village and nativity scenes
- finished decorating house
- made fudge
- posted a fic to dresdenflashfic
- made and posted banners for still_epics challenge

Things still to be accomplished:
- pick up gifts for Adam, Dad and Amalie
- wrap presents
- help Mum salvage her blanket
- more baking
- call in Paxil prescription before Xmas
- find out what I need to bring to Xmas party
- do up presents for Xmas party

Things that I would like to do, time pending:
- finish mistletoe fic for dresdenflashfic
- stuff fandom_stockings
- see if I can fill anyone's wishlist stuff
- enter a header for still_epics challenge
- enter icons for still_epics challenge
Tags: misc./non-fic

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