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Soooo...not a lot to say. I'd like to write some stories, but my brain-to-type translator is being broken. I'm planning to watch some of my Teevees to try and boost my creativity. I think it's been so long since I've seen them that I'm starting to write the characters as my versions of characters, rather than the actual characters, if that makes sense. Like you know how you interpret a character a certain way and that way is different from the way someone else will write him/her? I feel like I'm writing interpretations of my interpretations and not who the characters actually are. I doubt that made anymore sense.

Anyway! My fandom_stocking is here, if anyone would like to go stuffing it. I plan to stuff some others', once I take a look through and see who likes what. I also need to catch-up on fic reading.

My mum's off this week (and most of the holidays, which is wicked), so I'm going to hang out with her and do Christmassy activities. That should be good. Provided we can fend of this cold that my mum has and I'm the process of catching.
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