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Here we coming a memeing...

Stolen from cleolinda.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, awanderingbard sent to me...
Twelve newsies drumming
Eleven languages piping
Ten detectives a-leaping
Nine bindis dancing
Eight translations a-colouring
Seven brothers a-writing
Six movies a-playwrighting
Five bre-e-e-eadbox editions
Four stargate atlantis
Three douglas sills
Two greek myths
...and a tap in a way to schenectady.
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In 2008, awanderingbard resolves to...
Connect with my inner poser.
Apply for a new ballet.
Find a new sharpe.
Get back in contact with some old stargate atlantis.
Put fifty dresden files a month into my savings account.
Take gusthemoose writing.
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