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A very British film weekend...

First off, I just woke up from a very weird dream in which I woke up from my dream, then woke up from my dream again with in it. So it was a dream within a dream within a dream.

Anyway, everything I watched this weekend was British, for some reason. Ama and I watched Maybe Baby and Sliding Doors on Friday night. I've been trying to get her to watch Sliding Doors for several years now and Zip finally sent it this week. She enjoyed it, but she didn't find John Hannah attractive enough to be in a romantic comedy (me:'He's charming!', Ama: 'He's ugly!') and, for me, his performance is one of the really great things about it. I hadn't seen Maybe Baby before, but it was great! Hugh Laurie is always spectacular and it was very charming and funny. James Purefoy should be in more things. So I can look at him and hear him talk. Then we started to watch Pride & Prejudice while Ama straightened my hair.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, so Ama and Adam came over and made fajitas for dinner and I managed to successfully make sugar-free banana cream pie for dessert. I'm always so nervous when I cook, though nothing has turned out terrible or an uneatable yet. Dad seemed pleased with everything, which is good because I don't think he's ever too keen on his own birthdays. Ama and I finished watching Pride & Prejudice while she was here.

After they were gone, Mum and I sat down to craft and I put on the Shakespeare Retold DVD which Zip also sent this week. We watched Much Ado About Nothing last night. I really enjoyed it. It was fun to figure out how the characters had been adapted or how they were going to get around certain non-modern concepts. Damian Lewis and Sarah Parish were a great Benedick and Beatrice.

Finally, this afternoon we watch the Macbeth episode. This one was a bit more interesting to my mum, who was very familiar with the original play. James Macavoy and Keeley Hawes were incredible in it and I really liked the way it was adapted. Thankfully they didn't really do a lot of blood and gore with it, because neither Mum nor I are very into that stuff. I would have liked to see more of Richard Armitage as Macduff, though.

And that's that.
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