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Yesterday was Ama's birthday and Adam planned a whole big surprise dinner for her, with her siblings, mother and grandfather coming to town to surprise her. She was supposed to be in Toronto so Adam would have time to plan and organize, but her ride fell through and it was up to me to keep her entertained all afternoon. Adam and my mum insisted that my invitation was very smooth, but I felt like it was 'oh, Ama, may I distract you with something shiny while we plan a surprise for you?'.

She wanted to go the movies (me: "No. Um, I'm tired. Let's just hang out here.") She asked me if I knew what Adam was getting her for her birthday, (me: "I have absolutely no idea.") Mum was going to take her out shopping midway through the afternoon to let me have a nap so I could be ready to go out for dinner, but Ama had invited Stacey along so we couldn't do that. So I didn't end up having my nap. When Stacey got there, she spoiled the surprise because she thought it wasn't happening anymore since Ama didn't go to Toronto. Thankfully, she failed to mention the 'your family is coming' part, so it all worked out alright anyway. It just threw Ama off the scent even more.

Anyway, it all worked out, Ama was completely surprised, everyone got there in time and dinner was awesome. Except for the fact that I forgot my Benedryll and my dad had to run down to the drugstore to get me some (he rocks, obviously). Which was good because the meal I ordered, while so, so delicious, had bright red sauce (I'm allergic to a lot of food dyes).

So, I obviously didn't get a lot of NaNo done. Only about 1100 words, I think. But I told myself I wasn't going to take it too seriously, so that's okay.

Now I just need to sleep from now until next Friday and I should be back to normal. I could never make it as a conman (conperson?).
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