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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today and how does karma repay us? My parents were in a car accident. They (and the dogs) are both fine, aside from my mother bumping her arm (she had it out the window when they were hit), but the poor little Fit is very badly hurt. Much worse than the last time the Fit got hit. It's odd, my father has driven really long time and he has never had a car accident and this year he's had two. Neither were his fault, the first someone ran a red light and this time someone's indicator light wasn't working and my father manage to stop in time when they turned but the people behind him didn't and rammed them. Poor Shill was thrown into the front seat and Puzzle is quite disgusted someone dared to hit the car she was travelling in, but everyone is fine. Which is definitely something to be thankful for, isn't it?
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