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People nowadays...

Ugh. Why do people not control their children? Mum and I went shopping at Value Village (a huge thrift store that benefits the Cerebral Palsy people) tonight and it was nuts. There were children riding bicycles up and down the aisles. Call me old fashioned, but that's unacceptable. You had to keep dodging out of the way. Plus, the shoe aisle became very crowded and I was trying to quickly clear out and switch my shoes back. I had a shopping basket in my hand and I accidentally hit a lady sitting on the ground behind me. I apologized and she gave me this really withering look. I turned back around to put my other sandal on and must of bumped my basket again, she goes 'so you hit me again?' and I apologized again, but geez! You're sitting on the floor, the aisle is crowded, I'm trying to get shoes off. It is not a personal vendetta to hit you!

I did get a new cross-stitch, some picture frames for old cross-stitches and a couple of books (Anansi Boys and Sharpe's Rifles), so that was pretty good.

I went and voted in the advanced polls tonight as well, since we can't get to the regular ones. Is it wrong that I only ever look up who my local candidates are just before I go to vote? I so don't follow politics. At least they pre-folded the ballots this time. The first time I went to vote, I was nervous since I'd never done it before and I folded my ballot wrong and the lady at the desk covered her eyes and went 'I CAN'T SEE THAT!' and I was like 'OMG, I've failed!'.
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