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So, the last Broadway performance of RENT was last (Tuesday) night. They taped it and are showing it at my local (and I'm sure other) movie theatre. I think last night was a live feed and then tonight and Thursday and Friday are repeats. I went to see it with Ama tonight and OMG RENT! I've never seen the show live before, I've only seen the movie which is quite different. I really wanted to see how they worked everything and how the set worked and everything. It was amazing! The sound went kaflugee in the second act and didn't synch up with the actors for some of it, however. Usually, of course, at the really intense moments. It didn't take away too much from the show itself, though.

The actors were great. Will Chase as Roger was incredible. He's a handsome guy, with a beautiful voice and nice timing and just gorgeous blue eyes that pop right out at you. I loved the way he thumbed his nose when he was nervous. Adam Kantor was a great Mark, very cute and bumbling and enthusiastic. I didn't care much for Renée Goldsberry as Mimi, she had a great voice but her interpretation was a little whiny. Eden Espinosa was an awesome Maureen. She has a voice very similar to Idina Menzel's, and her 'Over the Moon' was great. Tracie Thoms played Joanne, she's the same actress who played her in the movie and was just as great. Justin Johnston was very adorable as Angel, he hit all the right notes. Michael McElroy didn't quite sell the vocals as much as I wanted him to, but was a charming Collins.

The tickets were quite expensive - $23 each, but worth it, especially if you're sound works properly. For someone like me who never got a chance to see it live, it was a real treat. I hope they release it on DVD someday.
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