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Dresden Files (Book): A Midnight Clear

Title: A Midnight Clear
Characters: Harry, Thomas, Kincaid, Murphy
Rating: G
Spoilers: Up to and including Small Favor
Word count: approx. 530
Summary: Harry contemplates his friends after a Christmas Eve battle.
Author's notes: A very short, somewhat plotless little fic written for bringthehappy. The prompt was 'Murphy, Thomas, Harry, Kincaid; 'praise the Lord and pass the eggnong'.

The fire was burning a little too hot for me, but damned if I was going to move. Moving required energy that I did not have. I could have snuffed it out with a little magic, of course, but that required energy too. I had even less of that than the moving kind.

Murphy’s face appeared above me, hair wet from the shower she’d taken to get the slime off. Green slime, very festive.

“Your turn,” she said.

“I abdicate my turn,” I said, lazily.

“Since I’m your closest relative, I inherit your turn,” Thomas said. He got up from the chair, where he had been making slime look like it was the new black.

“You’re also the last one,” I pointed out.

He politely kicked me in the side as he passed and went to the shower. I lolled my head over to Kincaid, who was secretively dialing my phone. He was the last person I had to help me out. Ramirez was in LA for Navidad with the small country that was his family. Michael was still out of the game and it was questionable that he’d ever be back in it. Molly was doing the Christmas thing with the small country that was her family.

That left me and Thomas, who were each other’s family, Murphy, who was willing to ditch her small country and Kincaid, who was costing me more than my Christmas bonus could afford. Especially considering I didn’t get a Christmas bonus.

“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered into the phone every so often for the next few minutes. He was scowling in a mildly affectionate fashion. I guessed he was talking to Ivey, from the furtive glances he keep shooting us and the lack of swear words he was using. “Yeah. You too. I’ll see you tomorrow. I will.” He hung up the phone. “Ivey says Merry Christmas.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“To your cat,” he finished, with a smirk.

I switched my view to Mister on the fireplace. He looked suitably smug. “I am too tired to be insulted.”

“Eggnog!” Murphy exclaimed, from the kitchen.

“California!” I called back.

“Pineapple!” Kincaid chimed in.

Murphy held up a carton of eggnog over the door of the icebox. “No, we have eggnog, boys.” She said ‘boys’ like it was a dirty word.

“Praise the Lord!” I said. The faeries must have brought with their latest food restock. Apparently everyone was in the Christmas spirit.

“Hallelujah,” Kincaid muttered. Except maybe him.

“Pass the eggnog,” Thomas added, emerging from my bedroom with perfect timing. I suspect that’s one of his vampire enhancements – ability to walk into a conversation with a witty quip at just the right moment.

“On it,” Murphy said.

I didn’t actually get to drink any of it. Murphy brought it over and put it on the coffee table next to where I was lying on the floor. I looked at it and tried to work up enough energy to sit up and grab it. I failed. Big Christmas slime monsters take a lot of you and I hadn’t slept much for a week previously. The fire was warm and Mouse was pasted against my side. I fell asleep, listening to the toasts and low conversation of my trusty army.
Tags: fandom: dresden files, length: ficlet, rating: g

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