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Memeage and Happy Fest

Stolen from joyfulfeather.

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

I'm starting at the most recently and going backwards.

1. Bob had been many things over the years of his life and unlife.
2. “Miss Potts, I am the middle of a great tape emergency!” Tony announced.
3. I tied the strings of Mal Dresden’s jester-esque ski cap under his chin and began to wrestle him into a pair of matching mittens.
4. Rather unusually for the Dresdens, things had been going well.
5. “Why can’t we eat the second pizza?” Murphy asked.
6. “Harry, you are being juvenile,” Bob warned the boy.
7. “Dammit, Dresden!” Murphy cursed.
8. “Your legs are too long,” Anna Murphy panted at me.
9. “You won a what?” I asked the telephone
10. I hate going into Harry’s apartment when he’s not there.
11. It’s very quiet in the ICU.
12. Harry Dresden sighed as he looked down at the patch of dirt in front of him.
13. “Do you have to have your hands right on my ass?”
14. I was safely across the room while Murphy was writing her report.
15. Stanley Kowalski closed his eyes and clung to the Funny Man’s neck.
16. The wizard is oddly calm.
17. Alright, well maybe he needed to work on his teleporting, Jack reflected.
18. "She's too young to ride a horse, Dad," Julie Frobisher insisted.
19. “Mom!” Connie Murphy bellowed as she closed the door behind her.
20. Maggie Morningway pushed open the door and leapt inside, slamming it shut behind her.
21. The worst part of the experience, Bob had decided, was being sold.
22. “What did I say before we left the TARDIS?” The Doctor snapped at Jack as the door to their prison cell was slammed shut.
23. Ebenezar McCoy was sitting in a rocking chair on the ranch porch when I pulled up.
24. Murphy’s bleeding.
25. Some days I really hate my job.

So, I obviously enjoy either a) making a statement that throws you right into the action or b) opening with a line of dialogue that throws you right into the action. I am well aware of this fact and only recently discussed it with Amalie. I'm not very good with beginnings, I'm much better with the action. I never know how much to preface a story with, which is part of the reason why I fear longer stories. In one shots you don't need or want a lot of set-up. You want to know who's there, what they're doing and why they're doing it.

In other news:

Happy Fest is on!

Hundreds of prompts in over a hundred fandoms have been suggested and all you need do is chose one and write a happy fic with it. You can also comment on other's stories and tell them why it made you happy. Come join us,we have cake it's fun! I have written two thus far:

Lots of Practice (Firefly, Kaylee/Simon, 'Picnic' prompt)
Art Imitating Life (Stargate Atlantis, Major Lorne, 'Precognition' prompt)
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