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CNAnime and Artstuffs

This last weekend was CNAnime in Toronto, which is an anime/sci fi con. I was going to go, but ended up not being well enough for long distance traveling yet. Amalie went, however. She cosplayed Kaylee, with a parasol she painted and it looked great (I haven't seen pictures yet to know how the rest of the costume worked out). She had tried to lure me there with promises of Jamie Bamber but he ended up canceling (I had feeling he would, I don't know why), so I didn't miss out on anything. I gave her some money to pick me up something, though, and she brought me the Doctor Who Encyclopedia of Time and Space, which is basically everything from series 1-3 in handy alphabetical order. It has characters, phone numbers, songs playing, places, planets, monsters, years, everything. It'll be great for fanfic. Also, should anyone need to know what the name of that character in that scene in that episode is, I may be able to help.

In other Who related matters...

Ever since I saw a scene in Journey's End, this idea for a wallpaper has been in my head. I started it and it'd taken me this long to really sit down to get it right. I thought I'd share it here, since there are Who fans around and I'm going to wait for a icon post to post it on my graphics journal. I'm being vague about it's contents for fear of spoilers, find out more under the cut.

In the last scene between Rose and 10, he says something to the effect of 'you made me better' and it reminded me of a song I'm fond it. Apparently it's from Funny Girl, but I've only known it as a song Christiane Noll and Marin Mazzie perform on their CDs.

Who are you now,
Now that you're mine?
Are you something more
Than you were before?
Are you warmer in the rain,
Are you stronger for my touch,
I know I am better, braver and surer too,
But you--are you now--
Who are you now?
Are you someone better for my love?

So, here are the wallpapers and journal header. Enjoy!

1024x768 | 800x600 | 600x350 (Header)

Resources: caps by inadream_caps, background texture by me, grunge texture by kekoah.

If you are inclined to credit when using the header (it doesn't really matter to me either way), you can reference songstressicons and/or citadel_icons.
Tags: artwork, fangirling, misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity

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