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The Olympics and Stargate

...because they both have rings?

So, first of all: yay Olympics! I love the Olympics. When I was in Grade...4 or 6, I can't remember which, we had a big unit on the Nagano Olympics. It was the first time I ever really cared about them and it was a very interesting Olympics. Ross Rebagliati had his medal taken away and Bourne & Kratz got cheated with judging and Elvis Stojko was injured and we weren't sure if he was going to be able to compete. The Olympics are usually on 24/7 in my house. I have to confess, the Summer Olympics aren't as fun for me. I don't like many Summer sports and they never show the Rhythmic Gymnastics or the Sychronized Swimming. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremonies. Go Canada!

And Stargate:

Canada has always shown Stargate about half a sason behind of the US. For some reason, this year, when my mum and I were finally caught up on Atlantis, they showed Season 3 instead of 4, which we had already seen. So, we've had to wait for the DVDs. We finally have them, now, and I am enjoying what I've seen of Season 4. We watched Missing last night, that's as far as we've gotten.

I wasn't too sad to see Weir go, I have to confess. I have nothing against her, but it wasn't as sad for me as when Carson went or anything. She's just not one of my favourite characters. It's nice to see Sam there and I'm glad they haven't made a big deal about her. I was afraid they'd make her the star of the show and they haven't. I loved the goodbye scene with Teal'c and the blink-and-you'll-miss-it photo of Jack in her box o'stuff. I like Keller, too, though Mum doesn't think she as good of a doctor as Carson in a bedside manner way. Paul McGillion played a wonderful doctor, though.

My favourite episode so far is Tabula Rasa. You cannot go wrong having David Hewlett guide your story. I want to be David Hewlett when I grow up. Plus, I loved him and Katie Brown and we've seen a lot of Lorne this season which makes me happy! I hope they don't kill him. I won't hold my breath.

We also watched Continuum, which was wonderful. I love that they're making these movies and I hope they make more. It's always fun with alternate timelines, when you can mess around with killing people or injuring them grievously or having the good guys play the bad guys. Plus, I heart Ba'al. He's my boy. And a quick cameo by Major Davis, my other boy!

So, I loved Season 3 of Atlantis and I'm hoping Season 4 will continue on in a similar manner as it has started.
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