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Return and Maria

Well, I'm back from the cottage. It was lovely and sunny and had a beautiful king sized bed to nap in and I have tan. Now I am home and there is my own bed and my own bathtub.

Tonight was the final competition night for How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, which is a American Idol-like competition to find a Maria for the Sound of Music in Toronto. A bit more about it here, if you missed my previous entry.

Anyway, the last two girls, Elicia and Janna are both so awesome that my mother and I agreed we wouldn't be very disappointed if either of them won. However, we voted for Janna tonight, 'cause she's our favourite. We picked her out of the audition footage on the first episode. We rock. If you'd like proof of her awesomeness, voyez:

Defying Gravity, from Wicked

So, good luck to Janna and nice to see y'all again, f-list!
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