The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Mid -Year Fic Roundup

Mid-year fic round-up January - June. But before we get to that:

Happy Birthday Canada! Bonne Fête Canada!


Do Not Pass the Salt (Doctor Who, request for _medley_)
Hot Potato (Dresden Files/Firefly, request for tigerkat24)
Chivalry (Dresden Files, 'Observation' prompt)
Times Like This (Dresden Files, 'Animals' and 'Notes' prompts)

The Hat (due South/Firefly, Six Degrees meme reponse for donutsweeper)
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Dresden Files/Captain Jack, Six Degrees meme response for _medley_)
Time Heals Quite A Few Things (due South/Doctor Who, Six Degrees meme response for joonscribble)
Relaxtion Techniques (Dresden Files, 'Hugs, Cuddles & Kisses' prompt)

End of the Line (Dresden Files, 'Bound' prompt)
Buried Treasure (Dresden Files, 'Earth' prompt)

Life Support (Dresden Files, 'Air' prompt)
Part of the Bargain (Dresden Files, sequal to Life Support)

Lost At Sea (Dresden Files, 'Water' Prompt, mini!dresdens 'verse)

Communing With the Dead (Dresden Files, 'Spirit' prompt)
Good Timing (Dresden Files [books], written for gehayi)
Sitting in a Tree (Dresden Files, written for weslyn)
Pizza and Promises (Dresden Files, 'Art' prompt)

Dresden Files: 13
Doctor Who: 3
Firefly: 2
due South: 2
Total: 16

# of words written total: 31,488
Average # of words per fic: 1,968
Shortest fic: End of the Line (450 words)
Longest fic: Good Timing (5,571 words)
Tags: fic roundup

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