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Grumbley Grumbling

I am wearing a Holter monitor for the 3rd time in my life. I hate Holter monitors. They itch and you can't shower or have bath with them on and it's hard to sleep with a great big battery pack attached your chest. I always get very grumpy when I have to wear one and the previous two times I've done it, nothing's shown up. Apparently if nothing shows up this time, during my 24 hour stint, I have to wear it for two weeks. I guarantee I will be full on batty by the end of two weeks. I mean, I would love to know why I have random bouts of unexplained tachycardia. It can't be healthy. But I hate wearing this thing.

So I am watching Doctor Who in an effort to distract myself. I watched The Unicorn and the Wasp this morning. I love it. I love Agatha Christie and whoever played her did a wonderful job. Now I'm waiting for Silence in the Library pt. 2 to load. Blink much?

Plus, the image of the bulldog in the Holter monitor on the wiki page may have just made my day.
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