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Miscellaneous Miscellanea

I busted my toe up good on Tuesday night. My right one, the one before the pinkie toe. I stubbed it on the wall, very unexpectedly as stubbing is like the Spanish Inquisition. I took a sizable piece of skin off the top of it and it wouldn't stop bleeding until my mum made me put my foot in a bowl of ice water. She was kind of rolling her eyes when I asked her to take a look at it because I'm not very good with pain and she fully expected it to be some minor little thing. 'Yuck, that's bad!' quoth she. 'I KNOW!' quoth I. Now it's all bandaged up and I have to soak it twice a day in saltwater so it doesn't get infected. I also have to wear a thick sock over it so it doesn't get jostled because my mum is afraid if I hit it on anything else it will start bleeding again. Weird thing? No one at school yesterday asked why I was only wearing one sock and it took my father until 6:00pm last night to ask. Should I be worried I am apparently consistently weird enough that no one found it odd?

Yesterday was the last day of school, so yay for summer! We're going to the cottage for a week again this year and, in August, if all goes well, Ama and I and couple of friends are going to CN Anime in Toronto. Jamie Bamber will be there! That is how Ama is luring me.

I read a brief article the other day about Serenity returning to movie theatres. The proceeds are going to support Equity Now which is an organization dedicated to preventing violence against women. It's apparently starting today and running through August, so keep your eyes peeled and take as many people as possible if/when you go. It's for a good cause and maybe if there's a big enough turnout we can get ourselves, if not a new season, a movie or mini-series or books or something!

Finally, I am rather behind in the reading and commenting of things so I'm going to try and fix that over the weekend.
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