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Dead Letter Challenge

Written for the Dead Letter Challenge by seperis, which came to my attention through _medley_. The basic idea is to take a character, kill him or her and have them write a letter back to someone (or the world) after they're dead.

Title: Words of Wisdom (Or Something Like That)
Fandom: The Dresden Files (TV)
Pairing: Harry/Murphy friendship and more if you so wish
Spoilers: None in specific
Character writing letter: Harry Dresden (to Connie Murphy)

Dear Murphy,

Um, so you’re probably really mad at me, right? Don’t deny it – you are. I know that you probably think I’m an idiot. You always do. You’re probably beating yourself up about it. So let me say right now: 1) this is not your fault, I made the choice. 2) You did nothing wrong and nothing you would have done differently would have changed anything. The only way to avoid it was not to go in and we both know we couldn’t have done that. And 3), you are irrefutably, totally and completely worth dying for. Don’t let anybody tell you different.

I hope my death curse did some good. I know it was a bit flashy, but it’s not like I get another go at it or anything. I never do anything subtly, you know that. I figured, if I was going to do down, I was going to do it making those demons think ‘damn, that guy is good’. You know, before they melted and turned into daisies. I thought the daisies were a nice touch. Feel free to put them on my grave.

A few business things to get out of the way: Bob belongs to you now – his ownership will have transferred on my death. And he’ll probably tell you I’m making him sound like a used car, but that’s the way it works. He’ll be able to tell you how to transfer it again when you find someone worthy. You’ll know when you meet him or her. I just wanted to make sure the Council couldn’t get to him and they can’t, so no matter what they threaten, they can’t do anything about it. Find him someone good. He deserves it.

Bob’ll know where my will is. I don’t have a lot to give away, but there are a few things I want to make sure end up in the right hands. Bob will be able to tell you who to call if you need any help of my persuasion in the future, too. In fact, Bob will know anything you want to ask him – he’s good like that. Let him know that I’m going to try and pull some strings on this Side for him. I don’t really have a lot of strings to pull, but it’s worth a try. My last quixotic quest, I guess.

And Mister will need a home, too. Somewhere where he’ll get his Coke fix and be free to plot the eventually overthrow of humanity by cats. I’m pretty sure he’s the head of the movement.

Anyway, I should probably wrap this up. I’m trying to think of something useful to say. I was never very good at the advice thing – giving or taking. I guess I’m just going to say ‘thanks’. You’re my best (alive) friend, Murph, and I know that’s not an easy job. You are completely kickass, don’t ever stop being kickass.

So, I will leave you with the age old words of wisdom: don’t take any wooden nickels. You might be making a deal with a faerie. Okay, maybe that last part isn’t age old, but it’s true.

Yours Truly,
Harry Dresden

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