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Easter Fun

So, Easter went very well for me. My mum had to work on Sunday so we did the family thing on Monday. We had 6:00 at night. We were going to do it in the morning, but my brother had school and then we were going to do it after that but Amalie's brother George (who is rooming with Adam and Ama for awhile) was working, so we ended up doing it at night. We still had breakfast food though - fried potatoes, sausages, toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes. Plus some key lime yogurt bars for dessert that I made for my dad. He's diabetic, so they were sugar free and he really likes key lime things. Note to the world: juicing key limes is a bitch. The Easter bunny came at night too, and there was much chocolate to be had.

On Sunday, Amalie, Stacey and Erica came over to dye Easter eggs. I found out a few years back that Ama had never done it as a kid, so I started the tradition. It turns out Stacey and Erica had never done it before either, so it was a bit like being a kindergarten teacher. I spent more time instructing and watching than actually doing anything. Which was fine, because it was a total, total, total blast. At one point I was laughing so hard I was crying. Total fun.

Then we watched Enchanted (which is sooooo good) and had much merriment before Stacey and Erica left so Stacey could go to her Easter dinner thing. It's sort of awesome how four 21 - 24 year olds can have that much fun doing totally childish things. I love my group of friends. Ama stayed for a little while longer and let me read my stories to her and chatted out some of the ones that aren't completed yet. She's good like that.

And now I'm off to school to be historical. Hope everyone else had a lovely Easter for those who celebrate it. If you don't, I hope you had a lovely weekend. :-)
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