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WIP Meme

Taken from joonscribble.

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

A very selected selection because if I did excerpts from all of them, we'd be here until next January. Keep in mind these aren't edited yet are subject to changes. Also, don't hold your breath for their completion. ;-)

Dresden Files:

1. (Book!fic)
Mister slammed into my legs and knocked me back against the door, which fit into place again with the added push. Mouse was giving everyone a big doggy grin. I continued to gape stupidly.

"Uh, Harry?" Thomas asked, after a few moments. "Are you alright?"

"Why are you all in my apartment?" I asked, weakly.

"We're giving you a surprise party, blockhead," Murphy answered.

"My birthday's not 'til tomorrow," I said.

"Hence the 'surprise'," Murphy said. Ramirez blew the party horn again, for effect.

"Surprise," I repeated. I smiled. "You win."

2. [Carlos] took a step away from the wall and stumbled back into it. I got ahold of his arm and he stumbled into me, but I managed to drag him into the apartment and kick the door closed behind us.

"How did you get here?" I asked.

"Who knows?" he answered, holding out one arm to indicate the mystery of life.

"Did you drive?" I prodded.

"Nah. Mac took my keys," he explained. "D'you know what he said?"

"'Gimme your keys'?" I suggested.

"Hey, you're good," Ramirez cheered. "Only he just said 'keys'." He did a Mac impression on the last word, sharp and deep voiced.

"He call you a cab, too?" I asked.

"Nah, he calls me 'Ramirez'."

"Julianna, why is that cat in the stable?"

"He's visiting Jesus," Fay answered.

"Ah, naturally," Bob said, with a nod. "And why does he have a Santa hat on?"

"So his ears don't get cold."

"He's rather large. He's bigger than the ass."

Fay shrugged. "Jesus doesn't mind. He loves everyone."

Bob couldn't seem to find an argument to that bit of logic. There's something wonderfully amusing about a person who is the smartest man I've ever known getting tripped up by my five-year-old's logic.

4. "You Dresden?" The blond guy asked.

"Yeah," I confirmed. I was still looking at the wolf.

"Det. Ray Vecchio," the blond guy introduced himself. I saw him flash a badge out of the corner of my eye.

"Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mouted Police," the man in red added, politely. He offered his hand.

"Wizard Harry Dresden...wizard," I replied, giving his hand a shake. "Where's Mur- er, Lieutenant Murphy?"

"Her daughter's in the hospital and I'm covering her beat," Vecchio replied. "C'mon."

He lifted the yellow tape around the crime scene and the wolf and Constable walked underneath it. I ducked under too and Vecchio followed. The wolf started to sniff the body and Fraser got down on his hands and knees and sniffed the grass.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Vecchio shrugged. "He's Canadian."

"...with Anna?"

"Oh, she's got appendicitis," Vecchio said.

5. (DF/Doctor Who XO)
We caught up with Rose and the Doctor, who were staring at something in front of them, heads cocked to one side. I peered over Rose's shoulder and my head automatically cocked too. It had to, to fully appreciate the sight.

"It's..." Rose began.

"A map..." The Doctor agreed.

"Of the United States..." Rose continued.

"Made entirely out of..." Bob said.

"Pickles?" I finished.

"Forget about ostriches," Rose declared. "I can die happy now." She turned her head from the map. "Ooh, look at the giant cheese!"

"I take her the end of the world, I show her aliens, I let her meet Charles Dickens and what impresses her the most? Giant cheese," the Doctor grumbled. He then broke into a sudden grin. "I love humans."


1. "Gorram it Roane, keep yer damn head down!"

"Ah can't shoot the bad guys if ah can't see them!"

"Yeah, well they can't shoot you if they can't see you either, now get down here before I shoot you myself."

"Aye aye."

Roane Kane jumped off the shooting step of the trench and landed with boyish enthusiam next to Malcolm Reynolds. Mal always wondered how Roane could be that much more of a child still, when he was only two years younger. It might have been in Roane's nature to be perpetually young at heart, or maybe it was just that he'd seen less death than Mal. Maybe it was some sort of coping mechanism. Whatever it was, it was both annoying and entertaining to Mal, who'd known him since they were children.

"You just set," Mal ordered him, firmly. "An' wait. An' get that damn smirk on yer face. We're in a Gorram war here, Kane."

"Yesir," Roane grinned. "The bullets tipped me off."

2. The next few hours weren't bad, all things considered. Kaylee got her drugs and was less grumpy about the whole experience and it seemed all Mal was expected to do was get his fingers crushed every few minutes and look comforting. The last thing was not his forte and it translated more into 'look fierce and captainy' than actual comfort. It seemed to work for Kaylee.

Word passed quickly around the ship. Inara showed up, ready to assist. She seemed as confused as Mal was about why Kaylee preferred him there to her. They made a case for switching off, but Kaylee refused and eventually Mal resigned himself to being there for the whole thing, while Inara retreated to the common area to stay out of the way. Jayne joined her at some point, then was gone when he lost patience.

Time began to lose meaning after the first ten hours passed by. The common area changed occupants regularly. Inara left and Zoe came with the baby (in Mal's mind, Zoe's child was always 'the baby' and Kaylee's child was, or would be, 'the other baby'). Zoe left when the baby began to cry and Inara returned with food for Mal, who ate it gratefully. Simon was too busy fussing to eat, but after he wobbled a bit on his feet, he inhaled something quickly and went back to work. Jayne came back and left again. Mal hadn't seen River, but she should be flying the ship in his absence and she most likely knew what was happening anyway.

3. "So, these people are friends of yours?" Simon Tam asked, following Mal around the ship as the captain wandered from space to space. "This planet that we're going to?"

"Yeah," Mal said, absently. "I stayed there for awhile back in the war. They're good folks. Keep to themselves and don't get much attention. Kaylee!"

The mechanic scrambled under a bunch of wires and popped her bright, grease stained face into view. She braced herself for a barrage of scolding from the captain, but he was too distracted to give her much of a tongue lashing.

"Why ain't my com working?" He demanded.

"Well..." Kaylee began, hesitantly. "Do you really wanna know?"

Mal thought for a moment. "Probably not. Get it fixed."

"Aye aye," she agreed. "But you know it'd be real shiny if we could just get new wires!" She spread her hands excitedly. "You know, like, good ones with insolation? Or even a new hydraulic panel?"

"You know what else would be shiny?" Mal replied, sardonically. "If I lived on a nice beach somewhere, drinking ji wei jius out of a seashell. But instead, I gotta find a planet to hide so the Alliance don't kill us all and blow up my ship." He turned to storm out and then paused, looking back, "I may be able to hook you up." Then he stormed out, leaving Kaylee smiling sheepishly at Simon. He gave her a half smile and then chased after Mal down the stairs.

Doctor Who:

1. (DW/FF XO for Ama)
"Are you feeling better?" The woman asked of Rose.

"Yeah," Rose answered. "Where's the Doctor?"

Dr. Tam stirred. "I'm the doctor."

"No, MY doctor," Rose clarified.

"Doctor who?" River asked, with a giggle.

"The man I came with, in the blue box?" Rose tried.

"He and captain are speaking," The woman explained. "Well, he's speaking. The captain is yelling."

"Have you lot decided not to shoot us yet?" Rose wondered.

"For the moment," The goatee'd man said.

2. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your very own Time Lord. Adventures through space and time are just a bicycle pump away! But first, take the time to get to know your Time Lord, so you can take care of him properly. Armed with a positive attitude and this handy guide, you'll be messing with the time-space continuum in no time!

TIP ONE: Introducing Yourself

Upon first acquaintance, you may find your Time Lord to be abrupt and rude, but don't fear! Time Lords are impatient creatures and your persistence and curiosity will win them over in the end. Try placing yourself in a life-or-death situation - Time Lords love to save the day. Endure any slights against your primitive race with a smile and show a little common sense to win over your Time Lord. Ask many questions and show an interest in the world around you. Should the end of the world be nigh, offer your assistance in its salvation. Above all - don't be stupid. Your lack of stupidity may just be the foundation of your future relationship.

Rose sat against the wall under the window and stared at her lap. With the two of them side by side, she could see how different her two doctors were. The new one was wonderful and exciting, but seeing the old one again made her realized how much she missed him. It was hard to handle. All the things she had seen and this was one of the hardest to take in. She looked up and saw Ten watching her as he played with a panel in the wall. He looked sad, like a lost puppy. He gave her a smile and she smiled back before he turned back to work on the panel.

"You didn't use to be so useless," Nine chided, a few moments later. He'd approached silently and now took a seat next to her. "Look at you, sitting here mopin'. Have you gone soft in the future? What's he done to you?" He jerked his head towards Ten.

"Nofink," Rose objected. "He's you, you know. I mean, you turned into him. So, you're just insulting yourself, really."

"He's not me," Nine said, with a shake of his head. "He's too pretty to be me. He has my memories, but everything else about him is brand new. I would never wear that suit." Rose giggled a little and Nine beamed at her. His smile faded a little and he looked more serious. "How did it happen? How did I turn in to him?"
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