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Rather Random Neat Thing

As I worked on the weekly quiz at the learning centre today, (this) I came across an interesting thing. There's something called the Parsons Code for identifying songs. He wrote a book "The Directory of Tunes and Musical Themes", which allows the reader to identify that song they've been humming by following a simple system of finding out the general tune.

You start by humming the first note of the song. This is marked as an asterix (*) in the code. Then you hum the next note. Is it higher (U) or lower (D) or the same (R) as the first note? You write down the appropriate letter. Then you continue to the third note, U, D, or R? You keep going, recording the general notes until you have a code like *RURURDDRDRDRD (Hum it, you'll recognize it). You could then look up the code in the book and find the song.

I thought it was kinda cool. Here's the wiki page for it. Give it a try, if you want, and post it in a comment. I'll try to guess the song.
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