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The Due Credit Post

Sometimes people write stories for prompts I give them or for me and I have never once recc'd these stories despite best intentions to do so. So I'm doing it now. I apologize for the belatedness of it and if I leave anything out, please let me know. A HUGE thanks to everyone who has written me something. I luff yous!

The Wizard and the Alien Hunter>
By: donutsweeper
Verse: Dresden Files book verse and Jack Harkness (who is a verse unto himself)
Summary (from the author): Harry's mysterious client sets up a meeting at McAnally's, and Ramirez invites himself along.
Spoilers: Dead Beat onward
Info: Written as part of the holiday meme in which I asked for Ramirez fic. Really great work with the book characters and what tickled me, for some reason, was the use of an obscure book detail as part of the plot.

Time Well Spent
By: joonscribble
Verse: House MD and Torchwood
Summary: James Wilson to Owen Harper. Done for the Six Degrees meme.
Spoilers: House vs. God and Season 1 of Torchwood
Info: I asked for Wilson to Owen and joonscribble hit it out of the park. The characters behave exactly as you want them to and the plot itself is really sweet and sad.

Support Group
By: joonscribble
Verse: Dresden Files TV
Summary (from the author): Kirmani helps his sister move into her new place.
Spoilers: None
Info: For her own holiday meme, joonscribble asked for prompts and I gave her Kirmani and the siblings she had mentioned in another fic of hers. Kirman is so underused in fic and this one is all him, really perfectly in character and being very sweet.

Bed Time
By: joonscribble
Verse: Dresden Files TV
Summary (from the author): The moment Murphy knew.
Spoilers: None
Info: There was a meme in which you asked for three facts about a character in a story that was not included in the story. I asked for alt. Murphy from The New World (which is a kickass story in its own right and should be read). After answering me, I mentioned that I would love to have seen that scene for one of the answers and she was nice enough to write it for me. Harry/Murphy and Anna being completely adorable together.

Etiquette Lessons
By: _medley_
Verse: Torchwood
Summary (from the author): Team Torchwood reviews the rules of conduct.
Spoilers: Minor ones for 2x01
Info: Medley asked for prompts for drabbles and I gave her a handful. She chose 'etiquette lessons' and ended up with something five times longer than a regular drabble. It's very fun, perfectly in character and wonderfully Torchwood.

Things written for me for memes:
A Dialogue Between Harry Dresden (Dresden Files) and Rodney MacKay (Stargate Atlantis) by _medley_.

By joonscribble, who is apparently my writing bitch:
A Dialogue Between Harry Dresden (Dresden Files) and Gregory House (House, MD)
All Together Now (for the prompt 'Good Omens and showtunes')
Change of Plans (Good Omens, set 24 hours after her series of GO/DF crossovers)
First Impressions (Dresden Files, set before The New World when Harry meets Murphy)
Tags: misc./non-fic, recs

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