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Oscar Blogging: Red Carpet Canadian-Style

Waiting for the Oscars to start. I just watched two hours of red carpet stuff with our Canadian interview people, Ben Mulroney (who also hosts Canadian Idol) and Jeanne Baker (Beker? the Fashion TV host). Now some pre-show with Regis Philbin is on and I cannot bare to sit through it. So, I'm here, posting.

Lots of Canadian nominees this year, which is very cool. I'm loving how Ben and Jeanne were trying to work it into conversation with EVERYONE they interviewed. "Steve Carrell, how do you feel about Juno?" Because I have been longing to hear Steve Carrell's opinion on Juno. I was also loving how Ben would say 'Nice to see you again' and everyone would go 'oh yes, lovely to see you too', with an expression of 'I have no idea who this person is' on their faces, then the flash of 'Oh, Canada! It's the Canadians, how cute'.

Julie Christie is looking beautiful tonight. Whenever I see her, I think of John Rhys-Davies on the LOTR:FOTR commentary talking about how he played Gimli's reaction to Galadriel as his feelings about Julie Christie. Just the most beautiful person he's ever seen.

I only caught the end of Saoirse Ronan's interview (props to Ben for getting 'Seersha' right, I've heard some pretty interesting pronunciations lately) and she's so adorable. What a wonderful accent. Jeanne was all:"Colin Farrell, you are also from Ireland, which seems to a country of charming and compassionate people (see how I can segue). Response?" Colin: "Now you've made it so I have to be both charming and compassionate in the next 30 seconds. It's an impossible task." He brought his mum, so sweet.

Viggo Mortensen's niece is his date tonight. Beautiful girl. They asked her who her dress is by and she just looked at Viggo like 'They're asking me stuff, what do I do?' and he answered for her. He is also wearing a Montreal Canadians bracelet. "Go Habs!" We love you, Viggo Mortensen! He also said that no director nominated tonight is even half as good as David Cronenberg. I call for mud wrestling!

They tag teamed poor Marion Cotillard, who looked rather overwhelmed having two people questioning her at once. Ben speaks fluent French (he translated for a contestant all through season one of Canadian Idol), he should have helped her out a bit. I don't doubt she speaks English, but she's probably nervous and tag teaming her isn't helping.

Miley Cyrus had a canned response to her first question that really didn't have anything to do with what they asked. She's looking very pretty tonight, however. Anne Hathaway's dress would look nicer without the garlard of roses. Heidi Klum looked beautiful. Cate Blanchett is looking very pregnant, again. I find it amusing since one of her nominations is for playing a man. I saw Johnny Depp, briefly, with his non-wife Vanessa Paradis, both looking very good. Where are you, Clive Owen?

Anyway, show's going to start soon. Laters!
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