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Random Translation

When I'm feeling blah, I like to translate. I don't know why, but it makes me happy. I was listening to my Les Miz Paris cast CD tonight and decided to translate that. Although, considering this will be a translation of a translation of a translation, it's somewhat redundant.

The French re-translation of Les Miz (translated back from the English version which was translated from the original French version) is awesome. The lyrics are beautiful and match the English version's sentiments perfectly. Not mention the Paris cast is kickass.

SEULS DEVANT CES TABLES VIDES (All Alone In Front of these Empty Tables)
performed by Jerome Pradon as Marius

Click me for MP3

Il est un deuil que je porte
Lourd au coeur comme un secret
Seul devant ces tables vides
Qu'ils ne reverront jamais

It's a shroud that I'm wearing
Heavy in the heart like a secret
All alone in front of these empty tables
Where they'll never return

On partait changer le monde
On revait d'egalité
Et d'un matin de lumiere
Qui ne s'est jamais levé

We left to change the world
We dreamed of equality
And of a bright morning
Which never dawned

De la table sous le fenetre
Habites d'un fol espoir
Des enfants ont pris les armes
Je les entends encore
Ces mots brulants qu'ils ont chantés
Furent leurs dernieres volontes
Sur la barricade deserte, à l'aube

From the table under the window
Dressed in an insane hope
Children took up arms
I hear them still
The burning words that they sang
Were their last will and testament
On the deserted barricade, at dawn

Oh! Mes amis, pardonnez-moi
D'etre là, de vivre encore
Il est des deuils que l'on garde
Quand tous les chagrins sont morts

Oh! My friends, forgive me
To be here, to still be alive
It's shrouds that you keep
When all the heartbreaks are dead

Et je vois passer vos ombres
Et je pleure nos joies perdues
Seul devant ces tables vides
Que vous ne reverrez plus

And see your shadows passing by
And I cry our lost joys
All alone in front of this empty tables
That you will never see again

Oh! Mes amis, je voudrais croire
Que vous n'etes pas morts en vain
Seul devant ces tables vides
Je ne suis plus sur de rien.

Oh! My friends, I would like to believe
That you didn't die in vain
All alone front of these empty tables
I'm not sure of anything
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