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5 Reasons...

Taken from joonscribble who took it from fannish5. Not really a meme, but I wanted to do it anyway. ;-)

Five reasons a character you have a crush on/find attractive would be a bad boyfriend or girlfriend in real life.

1. Fire. Lots of it. All the time.

2. People are constantly trying to kill him. That would not be good for me as I am a natural worrier already. To have an actual need to worry would not be helpful.
Harry: Stop worrying, you're being silly. I'm not going to die.
Tay: You almost died last week! And the week before that! And yesterday!

3. Bob. Kinda awkward to have a somewhat pervy ghost/skull in the house while you're trying to have a romantic evening.

4. If he actually cared for me, I would be total kidnap material. Let's face it, I would probably need to be rescued from cackling maniacs every week.

5. Looking back at the history of people he loves/cares about, my lifespan would not be very long.
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