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Review Spam: Books and Movies

Despite last weekend being a long one ("Family Day" stat on Monday), we did absolutely nothing. Mum worked 3pm to 11pm all last week and it was bad every single day (she's a nurse at the hospital) and was exhausted and then she got the flu. I have my period, which haven't had for 2 monthes, so it's a rather yucky one and then I've got Mum's flu on top of it. It's a stupid flu because it's not really a flu that says 'I'm a flu', it's just yucky. All I want to do is sleep and lie on the couch.

Normally my creativity levels are up when I'm sick, but not so much this time. I've managed to work a bit on my DS/DF crossover (which I have decided is going to be my next 'big' story, but who knows when it might be ready for posting) and I did a bit of work on my own, original story. Other than that, blah.

So, I have been doing a lot of reading and movie watching of late. Therefore, I'm going to review spam.


Codex Alera: The Furies of Calderon and Cursor's Fury by Jim Butcher
Mr. Butcher's 'other' series of novels (non-Dresden) and absolutely wonderful. I've only managed to get my hands on the first two (the first I got for Christmas and the second I bought with my Christmas Chapters gift certificates), but I really adore them both. Interesting world, very intense and uses one of my favourite story-telling techniques - switching povs. It goes from one character in one location to another character in another location and you can see how everything is affecting each other and also keeps you reading because you want to know what's going to happen to so and so next but you have read 3 chapters before he returns to them. Not a scholarly series by any means, but fun and all the characters I want to get together have totally gotten together.

The Other Boleyn Girl & The Boleyn Inheritence by Phillipa Gregory
Considering my love of historical fiction, it's a wonder I didn't read 'The Other Boleyn Girl' until now. I picked it up cheap in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago (with the movie version cover on it) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's unbelievably historically inaccurate, but I can enjoy books for the period atmosphere even if half the things didn't really happen and the majority of it is speculation. Mum had picked up the sequel to it (The Boleyn Inheritance) cheap at Barnes & Nobles (Nobels?) in the States before either of us had read the first one, so I started on it as soon as I finished the first. Another book of POV switching and, again, not terribly historically accurate, but interesting and sad nonetheless. I'm looking forward to The Other Boleyn Girl movie at the end of the month. Minor nitpick for both books: you do not have to jam the title of the book into the narration as much as possible. It's not clever and it sounds forced.


Across the Universe
Watched it with my mum and may have scarred her for life. Very weird movie that manages to border on completely ridiculous and the Best Thing Ever. I loved Joe Anderson as Max and Jim Sturgess as Jude. I loved the music and the performances. Totally weird, but awesome too.

La Vie En Rose (La Môme)
Lots of buzz around this one for Marion Cotillard, who did indeed do a wonderful job. The movie itself was sort of meh for me. The style of storytelling was hard to follow as it jumped to different parts of Edith Piaf's life without any indication of where you were or what order anything had happened in unless you were taking notes. I think it was supposed to be her life flashing before her eyes in a way that a life would - non-linearly, but I still didn't follow it. Also, I had a few issues with the way the songs were translated on the subtitles. They were fine but they weren't how I would have translated them. Translating is subjective though, and no one asked me. :D

Spider-Man 3
Took me this long to see it because I had a very fervent 'DO NOT SEE' warning from Amalie. Bec, my best online friend, convinced me to give it a shot and it was totally not that bad. Not great, but not terrible either. I am in love with James Franco for reasons I have never been able to define and he was adorable in it. Also: why doesn't Mary Jane brush her hair?

The Jane Austen Book Club
Watched this one last night and it was exactly what Mum and I needed - total fluff and happiness. Our local PBS station has been doing 'the Complete Works of Jane Austen' for the past several weeks. New Persuasion adaptation, New Northanger Abbey, they seemed to have skipped over the New Mansfield Park in favour of some stupid auction (I wanted to see Billie Piper, dammnit!), a movie called 'Miss Austen Regrets' and then the past two weeks have been the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice. So, we've been in a very Jane Austen mood and I enjoyed this movie immensely. Lots of real characters and wonderful actors and actresses in it (Jimmy Smits, Emily Blunt, Maria Bello, Hugh Dancy, Maggie Grace and Marc Blucas, who my mom is sort of in love with). It also confirms my belief that Hugh Dancy may be the cutest thing ever.

An Unfinished Life
Sent from last week. Good acting, nice cinematography, cute bear and a really great performance by a child actor. She was very childish, not like an actor being a child, if you know what I mean. Dakota Fanning doesn't act like a kid, the little Spanish girl in Spanglish does.

So, tonight is Becoming Jane night in honour of the Jane Austen fest. I've been waiting to see this one for ages. I also have much Torchwood to catch up on. /rantage
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