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A Polite Letter

Dear anonymous people,

Thank you for commenting on my stories to inform me about Xanax. I was unaware that I could buy it online. I am now informed. You can stop commenting about it. If I ever choose to change my anxiety medication, I assure you, I will consider Xanax most seriously as an option. For now, I am happy with my pretty blue Paxil pills.

Also, I am not interested in porn of any kind at this moment. Not sailor moon porn, Korean porn, Chinese porn, or any other kind of porn you might wish to inform me about. Again, I assure you that if I am ever in need of porn, you will be the first commenter I go to.

Finally, I appreciate your ardour for me, I'm sure it would be reciprocated if I actually knew who you were. You are clearly fond enough of me to follow me from Greatestjournal, where I spent many happy days deleting your comments from the entries of fictional characters I was RPGing. You are also obviously concerned with my mental health and entertainment, I appreciate that. However, I can't return the love, since you have no name or journal account. Please, stop this worship from afar. It will only end in tears.

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