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Character Meme

Stolen from tigerkat24's now defunct greatestjournal ages ago and finally finished tonight. I had already read her answers, so I put my ten characters into the randomizer, so it wasn't cheating.

Choose 10 characters...
1. Elizabeth Weir (Stargate SGA)
2. Fay Dresden (my mini!Dresden 'verse)
3. Carlos Ramirez (Dresden Files books, my Somnus story)
4. Darcy Forrester (my Somnus story)
5. Alison Cameron (House M.D)
6. Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)
7. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files TV)
8. Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1)
9. Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
10. Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

1. Divide the list up by even and odd. Which group of five would make a better Five Man Band (like a Power Rangers team)? Who would you slot in each position: Leader, Lancer (second-in-command), Big Guy, Smart Guy, The Chick? If you think the team would be improved by swapping one character between the even and odd groups, which ones would you switch?

Evens: Fay, Forrester, Mal, Daniel, Jack
Leader: Mal, because he wouldn't settle for less
Lancer: Jack, because he would
Big Guy: Fay, I guess, since she'd have her magic
Smart Guy: Daniel, of course
The Chick: Forrester, because he'd be that 'parental, able to express emotions, looks after everyone' sort

Odds: Elizabeth, Carlos, Cameron, Harry, Teyla
Leader: Elizabeth, it's what she does
Lancer: Harry, he can take and give orders
Big Guy: Jayne, duh
Smart Guy: Carlos, 'cause he's the only one left
The Chick: Cameron, 'cause she so totally is

Swappers: I'd probably swap Jack and Elizabeth, because think Jack and Mal would step on each other's toes and Elizabeth would make a good Zoe for Mal. I don't think Carlos really counts as the 'smart guy', but I don't know who I'd switch him with that would work. Maybe move Fay down to the 'Chick' role and put Carlos as the Big Guy and move Forrester over to be the Smart Guy.

2. Gender-swap 5 (Cameron), 8 (Daniel) and 10 (Jack). Which character would have the most change in their story arc? Which the least? Would any of these characters have to have a complete personality change to be believable as the opposite sex?

Cameron: Well, since Cameron's arc most relies on her being a girl, I think she would probably change entirely. She wouldn't be as insecure about being the only girl on the team, House probably wouldn't have hired her in the first place (he'd have hired a different pretty girl) and she wouldn't be on the show at all.

Daniel: I think Daniel would change the least if he was a girl. His arc has very little to do with him being male. The main difference would be he probably would not have been given Sha're as a wife (husband?) and thus, would not have stayed on...*runs to look up the planet* Abydos and wouldn't have had to be called back when Apophis arrived. I think, however, that he would have joined the program, for different reasons, and still have been his usual nerdy, enthusiastic, morally correct self.

Jack: I could go on all day about Jack as a girl. First of all, he wouldn't have been able to pull off the solidier role in the armies, since he wouldn't have been allowed to fight. This would mean he'd either never meet Rose and the Doctor or met them differently and, since his whole arc is how the Doctor has changed him, that would be a big deal. Second, manwhore = funny, where as woman who sleeps around = slut. I think if he was a girl, he'd probably be labelled a 'bitch' and wouldn't be nearly as charming or accepted.

3. Compare the matchups of 5 (Cameron) & 8 (Daniel) and 2 (Fay) &; 9 (Jayne). (Ignore canon sexual preferences for the moment.) Which couple would be more compatible? Which couple would be more plausible to people from either principal's home culture?

Cameron & Daniel - Huh. I think...I think they could work. Daniel's patient enough to put up with Cameron's neediness and Cameron would find him nice and sweet. I don't think that it would be the greatest romance in history, but I can picture them curled up by the fire reading together or something.

Fay & Jayne - Assuming, of course, that Fay is a grown-up. I don't see this working at all. She'd think he was an idiot and he'd be creeped out by her magic.

5. 7 (Harry) becomes 5's (Cameron) boss for a week in some plausible fashion. How's their working relationship?

I'd say they get along pretty well. Harry would be calm and nice enough for Cameron to work with and Cameron would be capable enough for Harry to find her useful. If Harry was a doctor, he'd be the kind to be scatterbrained and Cameron would be good for making sure he was where he was supposed to be doing what he was supposed to be doing.

6. 1 (Weir) finds him/her/itself inserted into 6's (Mal) continuity. As far as anyone other than 1 or 6 is concerned, they've always been there. What role would 1 be presumed to have had in 6's story, and could they fit in without going wonky?

I think Weir would be a good second for Mal. She'd be calm, logical and diplomatic and he'd be able to carry out the plan. Mal's personality is quite similar to Sheppard's, really, and Sheppard and Weir work well together. I imagine Mal would get exasperated with Weir's 'niceness' though and Weir would probably think Mal a bit of a caveman.

7. 3 (Ramirez) and 7 (Harry) get three wishes. The catch is that they have to agree on all three wishes before they get the benefits of any of them. What three wishes would they make?

1 - (Bookverse) I think they'd both be pretty happy if the War was over.
2 - (Eitherverse) I'm thinking something to do with scantily clad woman. Ramirez would come up with the idea and Harry would agree on it.
3 - (Myverse) They'd both wish for something slightly humilating for Morgan. Not too bad, but enough to give them a laugh.

8. 6 (Mal) and 3 (Ramirez) are brainwashed by a one-time artifact that works even on people immune to mind control to attack and kill 1 (Weir). They keep their normal personality, skills and competence level, except any Code vs. Killing has been turned off. Can 1 survive? How?

Sorry, Liz, but you'd be pretty dead, I think. Mal and Ramirez are trained solidiers, both very skilled in their weapons of choice and Weir has very little military prowess. Unless she could pull out some amazing feat of Talking Really Good, I don't think she's stand much of a chance.

9. 1 (Weir), 6 (Mal), 7 (Harry) and 9 (Jayne) must help an orphanage full of small and depressed children have a merry Christmas. Who does what, knowing that at the very least the kids will be expecting a visit from Santa?

Weir would immediately take control and start planning activities and games. Harry would spend all his money on decorations and presents. Mal would pretend to be forced into it, but really probably enjoy himself and agree to decorate and play with the kidlings. I'm pretty sure the three of them could convince Jayne to don the Santa suit and Jayne would do a strange but capable job.

10. 3 (Ramirez) and 10 (Jack) are challenged to circumnavigate the Earth in eighty days or less, using only forms of transportation invented before 1900. Can they do it, or will they be fatally distracted by sidequests or their own personality conflicts?

Well, Jack probably has circumnavigated the Earth in his days. Perhaps even with Magellan himself. I have no doubt he could pilot any form of transportation required for the task. Ramirez would have a blast with him and they would both be distracted by pretty people along the way, but they'd get the job done in the end and enjoy the fame and glory ensuing.
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