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Obsessive Recapping: Storm Front Un-Cut

Alright, so they showed the unaired Dresden Files pilot on Space (the Canadian SciFi channel equivilant) and it was awesome. Lots of great stuff, but, interestingly, the stuff they cut was stuff that was cutable. It's awesome stuff, but it's mostly filler. I think the cut episode would be more enjoyable with it in there, but the story gets across fine.

Generalized summary: lots more Susan and she's much less of an idiot without the cut scenes, Morgan and Harry seem a bit more friendly towards each other and Kirmani has a bunch more dialogue and more interaction and conflict with Murphy. And there is Bob! In talking skull form, no ghost, but voiced by Terry. Also a moment Harry/Murphy fans will flip over.

Anyway, I made notes because I'm a geek I thought some people might be interested. I also have it on my brand new DVR (first thing recorded on it), so I may screencap it at some point.

There's lots of little lines and bits added here and there that I won't include, since they're just little things, but I'm going to do the big stuff in the order it occurred.

- Instead of starting in the hotel room, we start at Malcolm's Grave. Harry's there with his hockey stick and there is a very long monologue that basically sets up the world we're in and the series, along with a plethora of clips from pretty much every other episode.

First Scene: Heart 'Splodeyness
- No big changes here. Just a bit longer.

Second Scene: Harry's Office
- Basically the same, there's a bit of extra stuff with Kirmani. I get the impression that Kirmani's never met Harry before, he's just been sent by Murphy to get him. Harry tells him the chiropractor's next door.

Third Scene: Crime Scene
- Outside: Harry makes sure Murphy knows his price. Kirmani thinks it's a ridiculous price. Murphy seems to have worked with Harry before.
- Inside: Mostly the same. Harry reminds Murphy that magic isn't real. She tells him to do his mumbo jumbo and get her results.

Forth Scene: Morgan and his Sword
- Harry asks if this is about the ad in the yellow pages. Morgan tells him it's not. The rest is pretty much the same.

Fifth Scene: Mai and her food
- The same.

New Scene: In the resturant
- Morgan tells Harry it's nothing personal and that if he has to kill him, he'll make sure it's quick and painless. Harry thanks him.
- Susan arrives at the resturant in search of Harry. He wonders how she always finds him. Morgan teases him about her and disappears. Harry accusses her of constantly pumping him for information, 'jump[ing] my bones' and leaving before he's woken up in the morning. He suggests dinner and a movie, going back to her place, giving her the story in the morning over breakfast. They finally agree to the dinner and a movie plan on Saturday night.

Sixth Scene: Harry and his crystal
- Starts a bit sooner than before. Harry comes home, finds a bunch of bills, talks to Mister (he calls him by name) and asks him how his day was, then says his was pretty bad. The rest of the scene carries on as normal.

Seventh Scene: Jennifer's apartment
- Longer opening, Harry goes to Jenny's favourite places first: school, the library, wholesome places, before he ends up at Jenny's
- Same scene with Murphy, except Harry explains about the different kinds of spells for longer, Murphy tells him he's played too much dungeons and dragons
- Kirmani is holding a flyer for a part at the Moonlight...some place for that night. Harry sees it.

New Scene: The Moonlight someplace that night
- Kirmani is staking it out, seems surprised when Harry shows up. It's fancy dress and Harry looks very out of place in the crowd. He hangs out by the door and a limo full of young women get out - including Bianca. There's a flashback to Bad Blood.

New Scene: The Lab
- It's Bob! He's just a skull with flashing lights for eyes in this episode, though. Voiced by Terry.
- Harry briefs him on the situation, they banter a bit and decide to make the escape potion. Bob tells him you can never have too much cheetah hair. Bob also warns Harry about using black magic, giving himself as living proof of where it leads to

Eighth Scene: Monica Cutler's House
- Pretty much the same, except that when Harry leaves and is attacked he eithers calls 'Bianca?' or 'Monica?', I couldn't tell which.

Ninth Scene: At the Garage
- The same except that Murphy argues that she has a lead - Gimpy, Tommy Thom's hitman, recently turned on him. She tells Harry that he's had his two days, he doesn't have to work for her anymore. He tells her he has a new deal - buy two days, you get the third free.

Tenth Scene: The Interupted Date
-Same start, except that Susan asks about the vinyl collection first, which Harry tells her was 'his dad's' (in the cut version, it's the answer he gives to 'Whos' the Astounding Dresden?' question), she asks about the poster and Harry tells him 'that's him' (his dad).
- Demon attacks, extra bits where Susan thinks he's set this up to tease her about the magic. She thinks it's a joke (which is why she stops to get her coat, she doesn't think there's an emergency). Harry banters with the demon for longer.
- He sends Susan to the lab and tells her to drink the potion on the counter. Bob greets her: "Ah, you must be Susan. Harry was right, you do have nice legs." Susan freaks a bit, Harry calls down for Bob to shut-up.
- Harry comes down into the lab. Susan asks what that thing is (Bob), Harry introduces them. They drink the potion.
- They escape, Harry mentions the 'too much cheetah hair' part, only he blames Bob in this version.
- Extra bit after Susan tells him to play the damsel in distress, he stops her, turns around to mount the stairs and gets a punch to the face by the demon that throws him back down the stairs. The demon goes for Susan, which is why Harry channels the lightening. The rest goes the same

Eleventh Scene: Magic is Real
- Same bit with Susan asking about the different kinds of magic, only Harry answers her ("Werewolves?" "Five different kinds", "Vampires?" "A real order. Real annoying," "Bigfoot!" "I'll get back to you".)
- Susan gets very excited at the prospect of the stories that could be written. Harry tells her no one will believe her.
- Morgan shows up, Harry puts him in the circle.
- Morgan asks how Harry is going to keep him there: he'll have to have constant concentration on holding it together. Harry says 'Oh yeah, I might have to go the bathroom, or change the kitty litter', we pan to Bob: he's going to hold the circle in place ("And I never have to go to the bathroom"). Bob also tells Morgan "I have 10 hundred ( or thousand?) years of boring stories and I intend to tell you all of them")
- Harry puts Susan to bed (I never realised in the cut version that he puts her in his bed, I always thought she was on the couch). Conversation is the same.

Twelvth Scene: 1SexyL1mo
- The same, Harry finds Linda dead

New Scene: In the Lab
- Bob tells Harry not to go after Bianca. Harry says he has too.
- Morgan is sitting the circle. He keeps poking at it. Bob tells him that he can multitask and is able to hold the circle and carrying on a conversation.
- Morgan thinks Harry playing detective is an act to try and seem like a good guy. Morgan says he isn't buying it.
- Bob suggests killing Morgan and they won't have to worry about him
escaping. "We could kill him. Do you want to kill him? Let's kill him!"
- Harry goes upstairs - Susan's there and recovered. There's a nice scene were Harry is upset and Susan is obviously worried about the danger he's in. He accuses her of being in it for the story and she says it's not just that.
- She insists on coming with him, he locks her in the apartment, saying the lock will open in ten minutes once's he's gone and she can't follow him.

Thirteenth Scene: Bianca's Place
- Starts earlier, we flash back to the bar scene in Bad Blood. Harry mentions his mom here, but I can't remember if that's in Bad Blood or not.
- Bianca licks a girl's hand, the girl is obviously high off of it. Harry says Bianca's addicted the girl to the venom in her spit.
- The rest of the scene runs the same. The fight between Bianca and Harry is a bit longer.

Fourteeth Scene: Monica Cutler's Place
- Exactly the same as the cut version.

Fifteenth Scene: Handcuffs
- Runs the same except that Murphy thinks Harry killed Linda because he's working for Gimpy (the hitman), she thinks that Harry desperately needed the money and is working as a contract killer.
- He shows her the chest of stuff, she sums up what she's told him and he tells her "It's Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick".

New Scene: Morgan Escaped
- Harry returns home from the office, calls down to Bob, who doesn't answer. Harry runs down, Morgan is gone. He shakes Bob's skull to wake him up.
- Bob explains that Morgan broke his concentrating by calling Marilyn Munroe fat. Bob is highly insulted and said she was a beautiful woman who once polished his skull. Harry asks how long Morgan has been gone: "I've no idea, Harry. I was under a veil and I don't wear a wristwatch."
- Harry comes upstairs and is attacked by Gimpy ( the hitman), who takes a bit of his hair for Victor Cutler to use against him

Seventeenth Scene: On the Phone
- Harry calls Susan to asks for her help. She asks why she should help when he locked her in. He says because he needs her. She agrees to help.

Eighteenth Scene: Thaumathergy
- Harry is attacked with the voodoo doll. Figures it has to do with the storms.
- He goes to Murphy's place. Murphy doesn't know where Cutler is, asks if Harry's hurt. He says he's fine and collapses on the stairs. She says she's going to call an ambulance, but he says he just needs to get to his office and she agrees to take him there.

New Scene: Snogging
- Harry's office is shielded, so the spell can't affect him in there. He gets out a map and has Murphy help him with the spell.
- He doesn't have enough energy to do it and, in what I imagine was an idea recycled in Second City, proceeds to make-out with Murphy for like, a minute.
- He gets the spell going and they collapse on the floor. He explains he needed her emotions. He runs off to find Victor, she says she's coming too, but she can't get up because she's so drained.

Nineteeth Scene: The Greenhouse of Demon Summoning
- Harry finds Gimpy on the floor - he's dead and covered in runes.
- He sees the movie on the wall and we flashback to the flashback of the voodoo doll scene in What about Bob?
- A think different dialogue in some places : most major thing:
Harry: What happened to my mother?
Justin: Everything I've done, I've done for love.
Suggests to me that Justin might have killed her for the greater good?
- Justin is also rambling and obviously paranoid, saying he had to do what he did to stop the plans and machinations around him. Mentions something about Malcolm being Harry's anchor to the mortel realm? I can't remember if that's in What about Bob? or not.

I stand mistaken. After watching What About Bob? last night, I realised all that dialogue was there, I'd just forgotten about it. I stand by my conclusion, though.
- Rest of the fight goes along the same

Twentieth Scene: Mai on the table
- Same as the uncut version.

New Scene: Paycheque
- Harrys in his office, Murphy brings him his paycheque - says Victor left a diary explaining that he cut the people's hearts out and the 'gas explosion' saved them a trial.
- She also tells him the kiss didn't happen and Harry promises not to mention it.

Twenty-First Scene: Dinner, Finally
- Harry's dinner date with Susan (which is cute, considering they've be trying to get there all episode). Same dialogue.

New Scene: Epilogue
- Harry narrates over the scenes from the opening credits of him walking around Chicago. He says if you ever need his help, he's in the book.
Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity

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