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Character Musings

Not too long back a couple of people did a meme where they chose a character they disliked and invited people to offer opinions as to why the character wasn't that bad. The people that I saw chose Gwen Cooper from Torchwood, but there was some mention in the comments about Owen Harper from Torchwood as well.

I just finished the TW book I got from a friend for Christmas, Another Life by Peter Anghelides. The book, like all the books from the DW 'verse, could use a good editing (spelling mistakes and missing letters? Really?) and the quality of the writing is so-so, but the plotline was interesting, even if it had one gap that I couldn't figure out (flesheating starfish? The point?). It was a good bathtub read, anyway, and I enjoyed it.

There's one quotation I want to offer here, about Owen, who is the biggest prat in this book - worse than the weevil cage fighting or opening the rift. Just stupid, asshattery behaviour that should have had him retconned into oblivion. But, an alien is talking about Owen and I thought it was rather apt:

"You need to be needed, Owen [...] You're a rescuer, you're always looking for a victim to help. You think you have all the answers, and it makes you powerful, superior, the centre of attention. You want to be loved because you can protect people, you can salvage them, and they'll depend on you. Until they don't need you anymore, and then you drop them."
-Chapter Twenty-Four, page 201

It sort of works with the reason why he was so smitten with Diane (she was out of her time and lost) and Gwen (who never know what the hell is going on). I thought I'd share.
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