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Dresden Files Drabble Spam

Seven drabble done for dresdenfiles100, which, sadly, now appears to be no more. All are 100 words. Book!verse is at the bottom to avoid spoiling non-bookies.

Title: Perfect
Characters: Maggie Dresden, Justin Morningway, baby!Harry
Rating: G
Book or TV Verse: TV (names stolen from books)
Prompt: Pride

"Harry, this is your Uncle Justin."

The small baby wailed noisily in his mother's arms.

"Harry? That's what you've decided to call him, then?" Justin Morningway asked his sister.

Margaret nodded, happily. "Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden."

"None of those are family names, Maggie."

"They're the ones Malcolm wanted," she said, oblivious. She bounced her son gently, beaming at him. "Isn't he beautiful?"

"He seems very healthy," Justin replied. "Let's hope he recieves his looks from our side of the family."

"Shhh," Maggie said, to both the baby and his uncle. Her voice crackled with energy. The hospital lights flashed overhead. "He's perfect the way he is."

Title: Wrong Floor
Author: awanderingbard
Characters: Harry
Prompt: Lost
Rating: G
Book or TV Verse: works for either, no spoilers

Ding! I raced out of the elevator and down the hospital hallway. I threw open the door, staff raised and ready to set something on fire.

"I once was lost..."

The entire congregation of the non-denominational hospital chapel stopped singing and turned to look at me.

"Uh...I guess this isn't the maternity ward," I said. Blank looks all around. "Well, has anyone seen - " Crash! The floor above me. "Never mind, found it. I'll just be go- hey, could I borrow that cros-, no I guess you're using it, right? Well, um, enjoy your...praying."

Note to future self: always take the stairs.

Title: Always
Characters: Harry, Murphy
Prompt: Found
Rating: PG
Book or TV Verse: works for either, no spoilers

"Come on," Harry Dresden yelled at himself.

With a few magic words, there was a boom, a flash of light and a six foot hole was blasted in the dirt around his feet. He fell to his knees and clawed at the wooden box, still half buried. He managed to pry it open, his fingers bleeding from the effort. A woman blinked up at him. Thank God. He pulled her out and held her while she gasped for air.

"Thought no one would find me," she said. Tears ran down her cheeks.

"I'll always come and find you, Murph," Harry promised her. "Always."

Title: Boom
Word Count:100
Characters: Harry, Murphy
Prompt: Miscommunication
Rating: G
Book or TV Verse: Either (no spoilers)

Harry staggers out of the ruins of the collapsing building. I run over to him.

"Are you alright?" I ask. "That was a huge explosion!"

"I can't hear you," he yells back. "That was a huge explosion!"

"Did you do that?" I yell.

"No, I did that," he answers.

"God! You're such an idiot!"

He shakes his head. "I didn't see one."

I get on tip-toes and pull his head down, giving him a firm kiss on the lips. He grins stupidly at me.

"I hate you," I say, shaking him. "You scared me half to death, moron."

Another grin. "I love you too, Murph."

Title: Partners
Characters: Kirmani, Murphy
Prompt: Friendship
Rating: PG
Book or TV Verse: TV

"That was most stupid thing - "
"I said to cover me, Kirmani!"
"And I said, 'wait'. Do you got a death wish?"
"We got'm."
"Jesus, Murphy, you were nearly swiss cheese!"
"But we got'm."
"That damn wizard is rubbing off on you."
"He is not!"
"Look, I'm your partner. We're s'posed to work together. I don' wanna have to work with Safranski because you got yerself killed. Guy's a bigger idiot than you."
"I'm sorry. I was just trying to - "
"I know. I'm glad we got the kid out. Just, next time, wait until I have the safety off my gun, 'kay?"
"Thanks for covering me."
"No problem, Connie."

Title: The Talk
Characters: Harry, Mister, Mouse, Thomas
Prompt: Trust
Rating: G
Book or TV Verse: Books (spoilers for Blood Rites)

"Now, you and I have lived together for awhile, just us two, but I want you to know that I'm not going to forget about you just because they're here. They don't have anywhere to go. Remember, I took you in. Alright, you took me in. You have to trust me. It might not be so bad."

Thomas came out of the bedroom wearing a towel and walked towards the kitchen. Mouse bounded clumsily over to him and started to lick the water off his ankles.

Mister jumped off the couch and walked away from me.

"Yeah. I wouldn't trust me either."

Title: Rivalry
Characters: Harry, Ramirez
Prompt: Ice
Rating: PG
Book or TV Verse: Book (spoilers for Dead Beat on)

I glared up from the ground. "Shut up, Ramirez."

Carlos kept laughing. He offered me a hand, which I ignored. "C'mon, Harry, that was awesome. You were like Bambi on ice there."

"Ha. How come I'm on the ground and you look like Torvil and Dean? They don't even have ice in L.A!"

"I'm naturally spry, man," he answered. "One of my many talents. Now, suck it up and take my hand, amigo. The babies will get into trouble without us."

I grabbed his hand and got up. We went after the trainees. "I've had more sex than you," I said.

That shut him up.
Tags: fandom: dresden files, length: drabble, rating: g, rating: pg

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