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I can see the light

Hello, folks! Hope you are well.

We were able to see my brother and his wife on Father's Day, with the COVID restrictions easing slightly! We did it outside and it was lovely, and my dad was so happy. They also have a new cat we hadn't met yet, who is so, so cute. They have an 11-year-old cat named Jack who is very aloof and anti-social, and now they have Larry who is about a year old now and came up to get pets as soon as he saw me. He's a riot. They have a cottage they're going to in July, and we're hoping to be able to visit them there around my mom's birthday.

It's nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel to get us out of the pandemic. They've opened up early second dose vaccine appointments, but, in the typical way the Ontario government likes to handle things, they just said 'it's open, sort it out yourselves', so it's a free for all, and so far it looks like my parents won't be getting their second doses any sooner than their already scheduled appointments. They had Moderna and that's in short supply, though they're now suggesting you can mix the two mRNA vaccines if necessary. I might be able to get mine sooner than my appointment, though, as I had Pfizer. Though apparently, that supply is going to get low, so they're considering giving Pfizer people Moderna now, and, c'mon, just make a plan, government! Anyway, hopefully by the end of summer things will be starting to look back to normal, and it's nice to have these baby steps.

Pax is throwing a hissy fit about putting his leash on again, and God I wish I knew what goes on in his little Scottie brain. It's like I'm torturing him to put it on him, and he gets so stressed and won't come near me. I don't know if it's the leash or the walk, or something else, but it's just frustrating for all involved. We've tried two different types of collar, two different harnesses, slip-leads, and they are all equally traumatizing to him. The slip lead seems the least horrifying, so we've gone right back to the beginning and training him over again. I invested in some treats he loved so much as a puppy we had to eventually stop using them because he became like a little addict, and I hope by making them 'special treats only for leash time', we might be able to convince him that it's not so bad. Yesterday went pretty well, so fingers crossed he won't figure out the plan and stop cooperating like he has all the other times we got a routine going.

In good news, I've been feeling pretty good lately. Stones are still kind of iffy, but I'm managing, and I'm sleeping well and in a good mood and have more energy. Though I have to induce a period after three months without one (screw you, PCOS!), and I think the lack of period might be why I've felt so good, lol.

Hope you are living the best lives you can right now! This entry was crossposted on Dreamwidth ( Replies are welcome in any location.
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