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Hello, world! I speak to you as a wise woman of 35 years, and not the immature 34-year-old I was when last we corresponded. As of June 1st, my age is now a blue-yellow number in my synesthesiac mind and not a blue-raspberry colour, and honestly, that's the biggest change. I don't feel any different. My mom says she's going to be depressed when my brother turns 40 next year, though. :-)

We're still in lockdown here in Ontario, so no get-togethers, but I did have a nice day. My mom got me some strawberry plants since I kept eying strawberry seeds when we were out flower shopping earlier, and now I am tending them and they are very cute and growing little tiny, dopey-ass, deformed strawberries and I love them. I'm not growing them for anything other than entertainment; if they make edible goods, then yay, if not, I'll just have fun looking after them. My brother got his first dose of vaccine on my birthday, too, which is also a nice present. My sister-in-law was vaccinated on the 5th, and we're hoping by my mom's birthday in July, we might be able to get together outside to celebrate if laws allow. I think Ontario will start to open soon, but we're still getting a fair amount of cases per day on average, so we'll see.

I was fine after my vaccine, thankfully. A little fluey for a few hours, then a mild itchy throat over the weekend and really tired, but nothing horrifying. I'm generally a sensitive person and react to everything and figured I'd be hit hard, but it wasn't bad at all.

Stone-wise, things are okayish. Still passing a lot, but I'm managing well enough. I honestly don't know what makes them flare and I wish I did so I could replicate or eliminate what I'm doing. But it's a mystery.

In other news, I got an Apple Pencil with the money I got for sending in Issie for recycling, and am having fun playing around with it. I've been following drawing tutorials from the Drawfee crew on YouTube and, like, making not good drawings, but, you know, faces that look like faces and stuff, so that's nice. I had to be talked into making the purchase (my parents are far too encouraging of me!), but I'm glad I did. When you're chronically ill, you have to keep yourself occupied somehow. In the same vein, we're also making some summer ornaments for the Tree of All Seasons.

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